A Toa Seal was a cage of Protodermis that could be made by any six Toa combining their Elemental Powers, so long as each wielded a different element.

Only two cages are known to have been created: the seal of Makuta Teridax, made by the Toa Metru, and the seal of the Bahrag, made by the Toa Mata.

The only way to free a being from the cage is to take a piece of the Protodermis and feed the same elemental powers that created it onto the piece. This method was used by Roodaka to free Teridax.

Beings other than Toa and Krahka could not combine their powers to create a seal.



  • It is believed that Toa Hordika could also make a Toa Seal. However, it would be considerably harder due to to their constant mental struggle.