Toa Stone
LoMN Toa Stone-1-
Item Information
Primary User(s)Matoran and Toa
Primary LocationMetru Nui,
Mata Nui
FunctionalitiesChange Matoran into Toa

Toa Stones are normal stones into which a Toa has transferred a portion of their Toa Power. When activated within a Suva, a Matoran destined to transform will become a Toa.


Shortly before the Great Cataclysm, a set of Toa Stones was created by Toa Lhikan, who used them to transform Vakama, Nokama, Matau, Onewa, Nuju and Whenua into the Toa Metru. The Toa Metru later created their own of Toa Stones in turn, so that a future generation of Toa could later come into existence. The team hid this set on the island of Mata Nui. A thousand years later the Matoran Takua found them and placed them on a Suva. These stones then summoned the Toa Mata's Toa Canisters to arrive at Mata Nui.


Below are some common misconceptions about Toa Stones and what they can do.

  • No matter what the Element of the Toa who created the Toa Stone, the Matoran will become a Toa of the Element they were as a Matoran.
  • Toa Stones do not infuse Matoran with Toa Power, but rather awaken Toa Power that is already dormant within the Matoran: thus, if a Matoran is not destined to become a Toa, they will not.
  • Only Matoran can become Toa.
  • Toa Stones are not the only things that can create Toa. When Takua put on the Avohkii, he transformed into Takanuva. Lightning from the Red Star also transformed the Toa Inika.
  • A Matoran would not be transformed into a set form by a Toa Stone, but rather would transform the Matoran into what he or she thought a Toa would look like.
  • Even if a Toa put all their power in Toa Stones, they would not become Turaga until the stones were used.