Toa Stone
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Item Information
Primary User(s)Matoran
Primary LocationMatoran Universe
FunctionalitiesAwaken dormant Toa energy in Matoran

Toa Stones are normal stones that a Toa has given an amount of their Toa Power (not to be confused with elemental energy) into. When activated on a Suva, a destined Matoran will become a Toa and the Toa whose energy was in the stone becomes a Turaga.

Toa Stones in the story

  1. The set Toa Lhikan gave to Vakama, Nokama, Matau, Onewa, Nuju and Whenua.
  2. The set the Toa Metru hid on Mata Nui. Later Takua found them and placed them on a Suva. Instead of transforming Matoran into Toa, the stones sent the Toa Mata's Toa Canisters to arrive at Mata Nui.
  3. The ones Turaga Takanuva used and gave to Kapura, Dalu, DefilakTanma, Balta, and Velika.


Below are some common misconceptions about Toa Stones and what they can do.

  • No matter what the Element of the Toa who created the Toa Stone, the Matoran will become a Toa of the Element they were as a Matoran.

Example: A Toa of Plasma would not make another Toa of Plasma out of a Po-Matoran, but instead make a Toa of Stone since a Po-Matoran's Element is Stone.

  • Toa Stones do not infuse Matoran with Toa Power, but rather awaken Toa Power that is already dormant within the Matoran: thus, if a Matoran is not destined to become a Toa, they will not.
  • Only Matoran can become Toa.
  • Toa Stones are not the only things that can create Toa. When Takua put on the Avohkii, he transformed into Takanuva. Lightning from the Red Star also transformed the Toa Inika.
  • A Matoran would not be transformed into a set form by a Toa Stone, but rather would transform the Matoran into what he or she thought a Toa would look like.

Example: The Toa Metru took on a form similar to their precursor Lhikan because that's what they believed most Toa to look like.

  • The Toa Inika had unique transformations because of the Red Star.
  • A Toa can only make 6 stones.
  • Even if a Toa put all their power in Toa Stones, they would not become Turaga until the stones were used.
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