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Toa of Plantlife
Toa of Plantlife Information
Species AffliationMatoran (Toa)
AlliesMatoran, Turaga
EnemiesBrotherhood of Makuta (formerly), Dark Hunters, Frostelus
GoalProtect the Matoran
StatusSome alive, some deceased, some transformed

Toa of Plantlife was a title given to a Toa who wielded the Elemental Power of Plantlife. Toa of Plantlife were typically transformed from a Bo-Matoran. Should a Toa of Plantlife fulfill his destiny, he would be given the option of sacrificing his Toa Power, becoming a Turaga of Plantlife.

If a Toa of any element were to lose their Kanohi, their Elemental Power would be halved, and their overall strength greatly weakened.


A Toa of Plantlife's elemental powers gave them near-perfect command over photosynthetic life-forms. As such, at a basic level they could create, control, and absorb vegetation. Examples of this included creating thorns and vines, manipulating wood, altering the form or size of plants in an area, and controlling the actions of plantlife. Additionally, Toa of Plantlife possessed an innate understanding of vegetation and plant toxins. They possessed all these abilities on a vastly greater level than a Turaga of Plantlife, or a Bo-Matoran.

Personality and Traits[]

Toa of Plantlife usually wore armor that was various shades of green, with blue as a secondary color. All Toa of Plantlife were male.


Various Toa of Plantlife came into being using Toa Stones throughout the history of the Matoran Universe, and at one point there were hundreds of Toa in the universe simultaneously, some of them Toa of Plantlife. But after the Great Cataclysm, their numbers began to dwindle, and only a handful were still alive by the time of the Battle of Bara Magna. Toa of Plantlife were somewhat rarer than most other kinds of Toa, even before the reformation of Spherus Magna.

Unknown Toa[]

During an unspecified time period, a Bo-Matoran was transformed into a Toa of Plantlife, and later assigned to protect a remote island fortress alongside many other Toa. A rookie Toa, Lhikan, was assigned to this location as well, at a later time. This fortress was important only because it housed the Makoki Stone, but soon after Lhikan's arrival, it came under siege by the Frostelus.

One night, he was on guard duty outside the fortress, when he was attacked by Hakann and Vezok with their vision powers. The two were planning on capturing the Makoki stone before having the fortress levelled by a nearby horde of Frostelus. Although the Toa of Plantlife survived the Skakdi's attack, he was killed along with his comrades, save for one, when the Frostelus rampaged. After his death, he was then sent to the Red Star and revived. However, the star was not working and he remains trapped there.

Toa Mangai[]

An unnamed Toa of Plantlife was a member of Lhikan's original team, the Toa Mangai. He fought alongside his Toa-brothers and sisters against the Kanohi Dragon in Metru Nui, some 4000 years before the Great Cataclysm. Eventually the Toa Mangai of Plantlife and his allies subdued the beast long enough to transport it to Xia. When this transfer was complete, he returned to Metru Nui and remained there as one of the city's permanent defenders.

Later, when the Shadowed One launched an assault against Metru Nui, the Toa of Plantlife was present alongside his remaining Mangai allies in the Toa\Dark Hunter War. The war took place roughly 2000 years before the creation of the Toa Metru, and ended with the betrayal of Nidhiki, and a deal made with the Dark Hunters involving the Makoki Stone.

Sometime later, Makuta Teridax hired the Dark Hunters "Eliminator", Krekka and the now hideously mutated Nidhiki, to serve his interests within Metru Nui, whilst posing as Turaga Dume himself. He ordered the majority of the Toa Mangai to carry out various false missions beyond the city, leaving only Lhikan to remain behind. One by one, the Dark Hunter "Eliminator" killed them all, including the Toa Mangai of Plantlife.


After Teridax's death, the remaining Toa of Plantlife evacuated onto Spherus Magna, where they aided in the construction effort to build new homes for the refugees of the Matoran Universe.

Known Toa of Plantlife[]

  • A Toa of Plantlife stationed at the fortress protecting the Makoki Stone - Deceased
  • The Toa Mangai of Plantlife - Deceased
  • A Toa of Plantlife in the Toa Empire that defended the Coliseum - Alternate timeline


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