I was the first Psionics Toa, and one of the first Toa ever created. But I was, let’s say, a little too...aggressive in using my powers. I had a temper then. A short fuse plus psionics leads to bad things...sometimes very bad things. [...] After that, someone decided that maybe a gentler touch was needed for all the subsequent Psionics types were made female.
Orde, The Yesterday Quest
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Toa of Psionics
Toa of Psionics Information
Species AffliationMatoran (Toa)
AlliesMatoran, Turaga
EnemiesBrotherhood of Makuta (formerly), Dark Hunters
GoalProtect the Matoran
StatusSome alive, some deceased, some transformed

Toa of Psionics was a title given to a Toa who wielded the Elemental Power of Psionics. Toa of Psionics were typically transformed from a Ce-Matoran, although Orde was an exception. Should a Toa of Psionics fulfill her destiny, he or she would be given the option of sacrificing their Toa Power, becoming a Turaga of Psionics.

If a Toa of any element were to lose their Kanohi, their Elemental Powers would be halved, and their overall strength greatly weakened.


A Toa of Psionics' Elemental power gave them near-perfect command over psychic energy. As such, at a basic level, they could create, and control mental energy. Examples of this included creating blasts of psychic power, utilizing both telekinesis and telepathy, and even controlling the minds of others.Toa of Psionics were also naturally shielded from any outside mental influence. Toa of Psionics had few weaknesess, as their element was present in the minds of all sentient beings that they came into contact with, however, they could not absorb psionic power, forcing them to rely entirely upon their own Elemental Energy reserves. They possessed all these abilities on a vastly greater level than a Turaga of Psionics, or a Ce-Matoran.

Personality and Traits[]

Only two Toa of Psionics have been seen in the main story. While Orde had been shown to be hot-tempered and impatient, Varian was shown to be odd and quirky.

Toa of Psionics usually wore armor that was varying shades of blue, with gold as a secondary color.

All Toa of Psionics were female, with the exception of Orde (whose actions led to all other Toa of Psionics being female).


The first Toa of Psionics to be created was Orde, a male Toa. One of his first missions after creation was to calm down a group of Zyglak. However, his mission failed; instead of suppressing their rage, his psionic powers increased it. Afterward, it was decided that all subsequent Toa and Matoran of Psionics would be created as females, as they were deemed to be of a gentler nature.

Toa of Psionics were very rare in the Matoran Universe, even before the reformation of Spherus Magna.


After Teridax's death, the remaining Toa of Psionics evacuated onto Spherus Magna, where they aided in the construction effort to build new homes for the refugees of the Matoran Universe.

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