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The Tower of Toa was a Visorak outpost taken over by the Toa Hordika.



When the Visorak invaded Metru Nui, they created several outpost towers. One of these was attacked by the Toa Hordika, along with the Tahtorak and Krahka. At the same outpost, Sidorak had ordered the summoning of the Zivon.

The brutal battle ended with the Zivon being returned to the Zone of Darkness, with Krahka and the Tahtorak being taken along with it. The Toa Hordika then captured the outpost, and turned it into the Tower of Toa. The Toa then chose to rebuild the doorway into the shape of Turaga Dume's mask.

Set Information[]

  • The Tower of Toa was a playset released in 2005.
  • Its set number was 8758.
  • All 6 Toa Hordika were featured as minifigures.


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