There were various ways of transportation in the BIONICLE universe.

Metru Nui[]

  • Airships: Flying vehicles powered by Levitation Kanoka disks used to transport goods
  • Archives Cart: Cart used to transport Rahi and other archives exhibits
  • Chutes: Tubes made of liquid Protodermis, and held together by a stream of gravitational energy in the center; used to transport cargo and Matoran
  • Cargo Hauler: Small airships used to carry cargo
  • Cargo Loader: Small cargo transports
  • Ussal Crab: Crab Rahi that were sometimes used by Matoran for transportation
  • Vahki Transport: Transports used to carry vahki, large Rahi, and Matoran pods all over the city

Mata Nui[]

Karda Nui[]

Mistika Riders

The riders of the Codrex Vehicles. From left to right: Toa Pohatu Nuva, Makuta Antroz, and Toa Lewa Nuva.

Bara Magna[]