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Tren Krom's Island
Trenkrom island
Location Information
Primary ResidentsTren Krom (formerly)
Former Residents{{{3}}}
LocationWest of Southern Continent

Tren Krom's Island was an island in the Matoran Universe where Tren Krom was fused and exiled to.


This island was created 100,000 years ago by the Great Beings. Not long afterward, Tren Krom's destiny was complete with the awakening of Mata Nui and his duty of maintaining the universe was no longer required. He was exiled by the Great Beings and fused to this island. The island was visited 20,900 years later by Makuta Mutran on a Brotherhood of Makuta mission. His objective was to ascertain Tren Krom as a threat. There, Tren Krom took Mutran and explored his consciousness and Mutran did the same (before he came unconscious). Mutran later awoke on the beach and left the island.

Trinuma and Botar were on a mission to drop off a weapon cache before Botar was killed by Makuta Icarax. Trinuma was forced to drop the weapon cache on Tren Krom's Island. Therefore, Brutaka, and his Order of Mata Nui strike team consisting of Roodaka, Vezon, Carapar, Takadox, Spiriah, and Lariska, journeyed to the island. Takadox and Carapar were first to come onto the island, and Vezon immediately noticed something wrong upon setting foot on the island, backed soon by Lariska.

When they equipped themselves, Lariska continued her suspicion. Spiriah realized from Mutran's tales of the island and its inhabitant, but then a rock wall sprang up and imprisoned them. Tren Krom then brought his captives into his cave to discover what had occurred in his universe since Mutran, intrigued by the Makuta's attempt (The Plan) at seizing power by exploring Lariska's consciousness. However, once Spiriah told of what would happen when The Plan was completed and Carapar attempted to kill him, Tren Krom let the strike team leave his island, wanting to condemn them to the fate they created.

Lewa was later teleported to the island by Artakha and Tren Krom swaped his and Lewa's body, but Artakha later forced them into their respective bodies again.

Tren Krom later disapeared from the island and has not been seen since.

Society & Inhabitants[]

Tren Krom's Island was inhabited by its namesake, Tren Krom.


This island was home to a rocky beach and a cave partly filled with water. Tren Krom could control the topography of the island, able to appear and disappear the cave and create 200-foot walls of rock. It was located on the mid-south region of the Matoran Universe, or in Mata Nui's anatomy, his lower right arm.

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