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Where he came from, Toa stuck to the shadows or they did not live long.
— Nararator, Birth of a Dark Hunter.

The Tren Krom Peninsula was the part of the Northern Continent that Gorast was assigned to watch over as its ruler. Vultraz, Mazeka, and Krakua come from this place.


The Tren Krom Peninsula had next to no vegetation, and had a landscape similar to that of Voya Nui: A rocky landscape only a Rahi mountain goat could love. There is also a De-Matoran Village called De-Koro. There are also several acid falls and volcanos here, as well as cliffs lined with Razor Crystals. The region was where some of the creations of the entity Tren Krom took residence. They were considered very fearsome and they battled Makuta Gorast some time in the past.

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