Episode 2 of LEGO BIONICLE: The Journey to One.

Trials of the Toa (1)
There's so much we don't know about our past. Maybe whoever built this maze has something to do with us, or we have something to do with them.
— Onua and Gali talking about the Labyrinth where the Mask of Control is hidden.

The day after the Toa found peace with their creatures, the 6 heroes are on their way to find the great Mask of Control before Umarak does. At the start of their journey Umarak attacks to see which Toa has the weakest bond with their creature which works for him perfectly. Once the Toa arrive to the Labyrinth they start to question their past. After finding the realm they all unite with their creatures except Pohatu which leads to Umarak stealing Ketar and taking the Mask of Control. While expecting the Toa to come after him, he does something cruel that made him get away with the Makuta's mask. After Umarak retrieves Makuta's mask, being a huge rebel he is, he puts it on and Makuta gets full control over Umarak making him Umarak the Destroyer.


Umarak stalking the Toa.

The episode starts off with Tahu flying through the sky and fooling around. Onua stops him by rising an earth pillar which makes Tahu crash into it.

Trials of the Toa (2)

We see Umarak talking to Makuta who is shown as a shadowy fire. Umarak talks how he will take the creature from the Toa by finding their weakest link. After the Toa and their Creatures continue on their journey, the Creatures feel like something bad is lurking. Tahu gets shot by an arrow whom which he throws it on the ground next to Ikir and it turns into a Shadow Trap and bites Ikir on his leg. Umarak quickly shows himself to the Toa. Akida notices him and tries to hit him with her water guns on her back but she misses and Umarak shoots almost hitting her thanks to Gali who saved Akida. Tahu and Ikir unite and try to take down Umarak but he escapes. Umarak comes behind the Toa and shoots the mountain so the rocks would fall on all of them. All the Toa help their creatures except Pohatu who runs off leaving Ketar on his own. After the creature almost getting squished, Onua helps Ketar which Umarak notices and sees Pohatu as he has the weakest bond with his Elemental Creature. Umarak continues to watch them fight pathetically and then makes his own shadow versions of himself and sends it on the Toa. Ketar wanting to unite tries to get Pohatu's attention but he tells him to go somewhere else. Umarak has seen enough and leaves. Toa are confused and Lewa suspects he's up to something because hunters never run away. The Toa continue on their journey to the maze and Umarak follows them. At the top of the mountain, Gali notices the Labyrinth on the other island. The 6 Toa and the Creatures go down the mountain to the beach to see the clearer look of the Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth.

Tahu thinks they all raced to the beach and declares himself a winner. The Toa and Creatures unite and find ways to get to the other island. Everyone goes except Pohatu, Ketar and Onua because he was waiting for Pohatu. Pohatu goes off without Ketar by skipping with a rock over the water which Onua noticed and so he brought Ketar with himself making a huge bridge to the other island. At the island the Toa noticed that Pohatu wasn't united and so they got annoyed and angry. Quickly the Toa stopped arguing and climbed a mountain where they saw the maze inside. Few moments later they all arrive to the front door of the maze where there was some weird writing whom Lewa was able to read but couldn't know why which made the Toa question their past and if they had something to do with this maze. Lewa goes on and reads what it says and shouts "Someone touch the door!" Later Tahu put his hand on and it opened it. After Kopaka suggested that the creatures lead the way, the creatures were shown scared and worried. So the Toa went first and everyone was happy. After entering the Labyrinth the cubes were moving everywhere and the Toa had a rough time getting to the second room. A scene with Umarak and Makuta talking appears where Umarak asks should he go after them now and Makuta agrees. Umarak teleports through the shadows to the maze and watches as the Toa run desperately to escape the moving cubes.

Pohatu and Ketar unite.

Luckily everyone gets to the room in pieces and they discover a secret door to the secret realm. Cubes start falling off the sky and Kopaka saves Gali from being crashed by it. Pohatu saved them all by uniting with Ketar and moving all the stone cubes away. Pohatu quickly disengaged with Ketar. Everyone goes inside the realm except Pohatu. Ketar was trying to tell him that they need to unite and then after a few seconds later he agrees and as soon as he was about to unite with Ketar, Umarak shoots him and steals Ketar from Pohatu by taking him with his shadows. Umarak weakens Pohatu and goes inside the realm. The 5 Toa are seen at the realm along with the Mask of Creation. Gali notices that there are 6 keys and that they needed Ketar to get that mask. Lewa hears footsteps from the door where Pohatu was supposed to come from and immediately thinks it's him but no, it turns out to be Umarak. Umarak shoots everyone and Shadow Traps bite their legs. Umarak steals the mask and escapes. Pohatu quickly noticed him and went after him. Umarak felt that Pohatu was following him and so he waited at the top of the cliff where they had a showdown. Pohatu was very protective of Ketar and said how he can feel him fighting Umarak's mind and after getting ticked off crashes into Umarak. Pohatu went after the Mask of Control but Umarak quickly got up and took Ketar willing to throw him off a cliff. Pohatu was torn off. Umarak throws Ketar off a cliff and Pohatu forgets about the mask and quickly goes and saves him. Umarak takes the mask and tells Pohatu that he cares which makes him weak. Umarak leaves by teleporting from the shadow. Pohatu grew a heart towards Ketar and understood him now. He gets up at the same time the all other Toa come to him. Pohatu feels sad and sorry for losing the mask and caring for others. Onua tells him that he did the right thing, by saving Ketar. Then everyone says how caring doesn't make them weak, it actually makes them even stronger because they care for Okoto and each other. At the end we see Umarak talking to Makuta and how he brought him his mask. Makuta tells him that he's now his servant which makes Umarak mad and so he puts the Mask of Control on his face but it goes wrong because now Makuta controls him. Makuta renames Umarak the Hunter into Umarak the Destroyer.

Official Description[]

As the Toa set out to find the labyrinth holding Makuta's mask, Umarak the Hunter follows close behind and discovers a key weakness in the group.