Tridax Pod
Tridax Pod
Item Information
Primary User(s)Makuta
Primary LocationKarda Nui
FunctionalitiesContaining Shadow Leeches

The Tridax Pod was a weapon co-created and manufactured by Tridax, Mutran, and Chirox, the first having the invention named after him. They were weapons used to store Chirox and Mutran's Shadow Leeches; they could hold four leeches at a time. The inventions were stored inside several Makuta's chests, who shape-shifted to hold them.

They were used in the invasion of Karda Nui by the Phantoka Makuta, unleashed upon the Av-Matoran to transform them into Shadow Matoran. However, they were not used long. When the Energy Storms began, the Makuta using the Tridax Pods were killed by it's energies, and the pods and their contents were destroyed with them.

Known Users

  • Makuta Antroz - Formerly; now deceased
  • Makuta Chirox - Formerly; now deceased
  • Makuta Icarax - Formerly; now deceased
  • Makuta Mutran - Formerly; now deceased
  • Makuta Vamprah - Formerly; now deceased
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