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Biographical Information
Species Unknown
Group Dark Hunters
Mask Unknown
Colors Unknown
Element/Powers Shapeshifting
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Occupation Dark Hunter
Tools Unknown
Location Unknown
Status Unknown
Pronunciation Trig-lacks
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Triglax was a member of the Dark Hunters. He was somewhat unreliable, since he had an unfortunate tendency to take objects that he was sent to retrieve for himself. His appearance and powers are unknown.


At one point, he disguised himself as a Toa of Sonics. Under the alias "Grey", he met Varian and Norik and led them to a village, where they were attacked by Dark Hunters. After the battle, Varian saw that "Grey" was kidnapped, and she and Norik went to get him back. They caught up with the hunters, but ended up being captured.

Back at the Odina base, Varian was told to choose between the Toa of Sonics and Norik, though she chose the latter. Varian was then placed into stasis as a trophy. She soon learned that this Toa was Triglax.

"The Shadowed One" once ordered Lariska to punish Triglax for returning only two pieces of equipment when his contract specified three. Lariska looked forward to this confrontation, for she found Triglax very obnoxious.

Powers and Abilities[]

Triglax's full extent of powers is unknown. It has been confirmed that he had the powers to shapeshift.


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