We're going to place called Destral. Once we get there your job starts. If you succeed, you live to battle another day. If you fail, you die horribly. OK?
— Trinuma to Vezon, Destiny War
Biographical Information
Species Unknown
Group Order of Mata Nui
Mask Great Mask of Charisma
Colors Dark red, dark blue, and silver
Element/Powers Charisma
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Occupation Order of Mata Nui member
Tools Twin Cannons, Shield,
Nynrah Ghostblasters
Location Spherus Magna
Status Alive
Pronunciation Tree-NEW-muh
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Trinuma was a nine-foot-tall Order of Mata Nui member.


Many years ago Trinuma joined the Order of Mata Nui.

Much later, while on a mission with Botar, they were ambushed by Makuta Icarax, who became suspicious after noticing the pair. Trinuma witnessed Icarax crush and kill Botar somewhere near the Tren Krom Peninsula. He was to give weapons to Brutaka's team, before they went to free Makuta Miserix. He managed to escape Icarax and reported back to Daxia.

When he found Vezon locked in a cell, he released him, gave him a dagger and went to Destral, informing Vezon that his task was to "betray" the Order. After this he returned to Daxia. When Teridax destroyed the island, Trinuma managed to escape to Stelt and contacted Kopaka Nuva from there.

After Teridax died, Trinuma exited the Matoran Universe and began life on Spherus Magna.

Powers and Equipment[]

Trinuma wielded two Nynrah Ghostblasters on his back and a pair of cannons mounted on his right arm. He carried a shield on his left arm for protection. He also possessed a Great Mask of Charisma, which allowed him to persuade other people to his point of view.

Set Information[]

  • Requires Toa Tahu (8689), Toa Onua (8690) and Toa Gali (8688) to build.
  • Contains 93 parts.
  • Features two Nynrah Ghost Blasters.
  • The special web code "BIONICLEBUILD" was distributed in the July-August 2008 issue of LEGO BrickMaster Magazine. When entered in the Kanoka Club or on the LEGO Club website, it yields the instructions for the Trinuma combiner.


  • In the alternate timeline of The Kingdom, Trinuma escorted Takanuva to his Turaga of Light counterpart.


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