Turaga Nui
Turaga Nui.jpg
Biographical Information
Species Matoran (Toa/Turaga)
Group Turaga
Mask Depends on the Turaga
Colors Multi-color
Element/Powers Depends on the Turaga
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}
Occupation Leader
Tools Depends on the Turaga
Location N/A
Status Yet to be formed
Pronunciation too-RAH-gah NOO-ee
Video {{{Video}}}

A Turaga Nui was the hypothetical combination of any six Turaga, said to possess great wisdom. None were ever seen or known to have been created.

Powers and Equipment

The individual Elemental Powers that a Turaga Nui would possess would depend on the component Turaga involved in the fusion. Regardless, all Elemental abilities wielded by such a combination would exist at a greatly weakened level as compared to a Toa's power. Additionally, a Turaga Nui would still possess the mental capability and discipline to access the powers of its Noble Kanohi, although not enough to access a Great Kanohi or Kanohi Nuva's power. Physically, a Turaga Nui's physical and mental abilities would be greatly increased from that of a single Turaga.

Set Information

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