Turaga Nui
Turaga Nui
Biographical Information
Species Matoran (Toa/Turaga)
Group Turaga
Mask Various Kanohi (Noble)
Colors Various colors
Element/Powers Various Elements (Weakened)
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}
Occupation Leader of Matoran
Tools Badge of Office
Location N/A (Not formed)
Status Not formed
Pronunciation too-RAH-gah NOO-ee
Video {{{Video}}}

A Turaga Nui was the hypothetical combination of any six Turaga, said to possess great wisdom. None were ever seen or known to have been created.

Powers and Equipment[]

The individual Elemental Powers a Turaga Nui possessed depended on the component Turaga involved in the fusion. Regardless, all Elemental abilities wielded by such a combination existed at a greatly weakened level as compared to a Toa's power. Additionally, a Turaga Nui still possessed the mental capability and discipline to access the powers of its Noble Kanohi, although not enough to access a Great Kanohi or Kanohi Nuva's power. Physically, a Turaga Nui's physical and mental abilities were greatly increased from that of a single Turaga.

Set Information[]

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