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Biographical Information
Species Toa
Group Toa Mangai
Mask Mask of Intangibility
Colors Blue
Element/Powers Water
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Occupation Toa
Tools Barbed Broadsword
Location Bota Magna
Status Alive
Pronunciation Too-yet
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That's your problem, Lhikan. [...] Always following the rules. Always worrying about others. Did you ever think we could do more good if we stopped worrying so much about who might get hurt in the process?
— Tuyet to Lhikan, The Many Deaths of Toa Tuyet

Tuyet was a Toa of Water and member of the Toa Mangai.


Early Days[]

Tuyet was once a Ga-Matoran and lived on an island where the Nui Stone had been sent. There the Dark Hunters were searching for the stone and she fled with it to Metru Nui after becoming a Toa. Here she aided in the capture of the Kanohi Dragon. The Dark Hunters would shortly thereafter learn of this and pursue her.

Metru Nui[]

Around eight hundred years before the Toa-Dark Hunter War, Tuyet learned that the Dark Hunters had reached Metru Nui and were searching for her. In response, she killed at least three Matoran--one for each day as a false countdown by the Dark Hunters until she gave them the Nui Stone.

This "countdown" would continue despite the Dark Hunters no longer being present on the island. Upon investigating, Toa Lhikan and Nidhiki discovered that Tuyet was behind the murders and confronted her. In an attempt to kill them, Tuyet took control of the Nui Stone. However, Lhikan and Nidhiki defeated her and the Nui Stone was vaporized by Lhikan, although a few small fragments became embedded in her armor.

The Pit[]

After being defeated and captured, Tuyet was put in a chamber in the Coliseum to decide what to do with her, but she disappeared the next day. Those that were on guard said they had seen a gigantic figure appear and then disappear with her. They believed the figure was an illusion, but in actuality it was Botar. The Order of Mata Nui knew that with the fragments of the Nui Stone in her armor, she was a "living battery of Toa power". Therefore, no prison would keep her for long; at least not with any Toa near and as a precaution, the Order teleported her to another dimension where no Toa existed. To ensure that only the highest ranked members of the Order knew of this secret, they captured another Tuyet from yet another dimension and put her in the Pit. They even embedded small crystals in her but not from a Nui Stone.

The Order wanted the secret of the Nui Stone to be able to make one themselves and tried to pry the secret out of her for 1500 years, during which she was plotting her escape. After some time, she managed to convince one of the guards of her innocence, as the Order disliked Dark Hunters and the Brotherhood of Makuta as much as she did. Finally, the guard helped faked her death in an explosion. As the Order thought her body was vaporized, they had no reason to search for her. Without a map, it took 2000 years for her to get back to her own dimension.

The alternate Tuyet from the other dimension later died in the Great Cataclysm. Some rumors say that she helped Hydraxon in stopping prisoners from escaping from the Pit, others say that she herself tried to escape and just got unlucky; the true story of her death may never be known.

Over 1,000 years later, Teridax, in the body of the robot guardian Maxilos, led Toa Mahri Matoro to the Pit, where he showed him the body of the Toa and demanded he use his Tryna to reanimate her. He reluctantly did so and Teridax revealed that she had what he believed to be fragments of the Nui Stone stuck in her armor. He also revealed that with the Staff of Artakha Icarax was retrieving for him, he would be able to recreate what he thought was the Nui Stone. In an encounter with Karzahni, this Tuyet's body was shattered.

Reign of Shadows[]

Having returned to her home dimension, Tuyet found herself in the Metru Nui Archives, where she met three Matoran, Macku, Hafu, and Kapura. She would ally with them and show them the Nui Stone. She would also reveal to them that she had been dead for 2000 years. Unbeknownst to the Matoran, she wanted the Universe for herself. Just then, a dimensional vortex opened, transporting the group to Bota Magna where they met Vezon and the Great Being that was cursed by the Ignika.The Great Being pleaded with the group to release him, resulting in an argument amongst Tuyet and the others arguing about whether or not to do so. Meanwhile, Velika, a Great Being disguised as a Po-Matoran, had set up explosives outside the fortress in order to eliminate her and the others. But Tuyet and the other biomechanical beings managed to escape the fortress and unbeknownst to them, the cursed Great Being escaped as well.

Dark Mirror[]

After Nidhiki and Lhikan confronted Tuyet about the Nui Stone, Nidhiki joined Tuyet. The two Toa killed Lhikan and created an empire by convincing the other Toa that they were destined to rule. The Toa Empire defeated the Brotherhood of Makuta and the Dark Hunters, forcing their survivors into hiding.

When the Takanuva from the prime universe arrived, he, Lesovikk and Pohatu caused a huge battle in the Coliseum between the Toa and Pohatu's rebellion. The Dark Hunter "Darkness" and Takanuva entered the Coliseum and Tuyet used her water powers to sweep Darkness away and confronted Takanuva. After the battle between her and Takanuva, she activated the Kanohi Olmak, planning to take over Takanuva's universe. Takanuva pushed her out the way, and they both entered the portal. Caught in rage, she was stuck half way though the portal when it closed on her, killing her.


Tuyet was outwardly was kind to disguise her darker nature; the true Tuyet was cold and ruthless, willing to take any measures necessary for the greater good. Ultimately, she wanted to use the Nui Stone to destroy the Dark Hunters and Brotherhood of Makuta, and rule like the League of Six Kingdoms tried to do.

Powers and Weapons[]

Tuyet wore a Great Mask of Intangibility and wielded a Barbed Broadsword. She possessed the Element of Water, giving her the ability to create water streams or summon floods. These powers were greatly increased when she controlled the Nui Stone, making her far more powerful than the average Toa.



  • Greg Farshtey's wife voiced Tuyet in Dark Mirror.
  • Tuyet is the only former Toa Mangai still alive and not trapped on the Red Star.
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