Tuyet (Dark Mirror)
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Biographical Information
Species Toa
Group Toa Mangai
Mask Mask of Intangibility
Colors Blue
Element/Powers Water
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Occupation Toa
Tools Barbed Broadsword
Location Metru Nui (alternate timeline)/Interdimensional space
Status Deceased
Pronunciation Too-yet
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Peace? Is that what you call converting the Toa into secret police, terrorizing the villagers, killing anyone who opposes your rule?"
"I did what had to be done. I made the world right. And who are you to judge me? You are nothing but an alien from some other dimension."
"That's true, my world is messier than yours, more dangerous in some ways, but it is a world that's better, because you're not in it, Tuyet.
— Main Takanuva and Alternate Tuyet, Dark Mirror

Tuyet was a Toa Mangai of Water in an alternate version of the Matoran Universe.


Early Days[]

Tuyet was once a Ga-Matoran and lived on an island where the Nui Stone had been sent. The Dark Hunters were looking for the stone. When Tuyet became a Toa, she fled with the Nui Stone to Metru Nui, where she aided in the capture of the Kanohi Dragon. However, the Dark Hunters eventually discovered this and persued her.

Metru Nui[]

Around eight hundred years before the Toa-Dark Hunter War, Tuyet learned that the Dark Hunters had reached Metru Nui and they were looking for her. So she killed three Matoran--one every day, as a faked countdown by the Dark Hunters until she gave them the Nui Stone.

Toa Lhikan and Nidhiki discovered her plot when the Dark Hunters had apparently left the island, yet the "countdown" had continued they discovered that she had been behind the attacks and confronted her. In an attempt to kill them, she took control of the Nui Stone.

Dark Mirror[]

After Nidhiki and Lhikan confronted Tuyet about the Nui Stone, Nidhiki joined Tuyet. The two Toa killed Lhikan and created an empire by convincing the other Toa that they were destined to rule. The Toa Empire defeated the Brotherhood of Makuta and the Dark Hunters and forced their survivors into hiding.

When the Takanuva from the normal universe arrived, he, Lesovikk and Pohatu caused a huge battle in the Coliseum between the Toa and Pohatu's rebellion. The Dark Hunter "Darkness" and Takanuva entered the Coliseum, and Tuyet used her water powers to sweep Darkness away and confronted Takanuva. After the battle between her and Takanuva, she activated the Kanohi Olmak, planning to take over Takanuva's Universe. Takanuva pushed her out the way, and they both entered the portal. But caught up in rage, she was stuck half way though the portal when it closed on her, killing her.


Tuyet acted kind and innocent, but only to disguise her dark plans to use the Nui Stone to destroy the Dark Hunters and Brotherhood of Makuta, and rule like the League of Six Kingdoms tried to do. The true Tuyet was cold and malicious, willing to kill to accomplish what she believed to be good.

Powers and Weapons[]

Tuyet wore a Great Mask of Intangibility and wielded a Barbed Broadsword. She possessed the Element of Water, giving her the ability to create water streams or summon floods. These powers were greatly increased when she controlled the Nui Stone, making her far more powerful than a regular Toa.


Toa Tuyet tapped into the power of something called the Nui Stone, which gave her the power of maybe a hundred Toa. When Toa Lhikan tried to stop her, he got killed by her and his traitorous friend, Toa Nidhiki. And that's it. Tuyet took over Metru Nui and convinced the other Toa it was their destiny to smash anyone who posed a threat to the Great Spirit. That meant anyone from the Makuta, to the Dark Hunters, to Toa who didn't seem enthusiastic enough, and Matoran who didn't work quite hard enough.
— Alternate Takua, Dark Mirror
You don't belong here."
"Neither do you. You don't exist in my world. True Toa must have stood up and stopped you before you went too far."
"In my world, I am much more...competent. How unfortunate for you.
— Alternate Tuyet and Main Takanuva, Dark Mirror


  • Dark Mirror - First appearance; in an alternate timeline


  • Greg Farshtey's wife voiced the alternate version of Tuyet in Dark Mirror.
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