Twilight Blade
150px-Twilight Blade
Weapon Information
FunctionMelee combat, confusing enemies

The Twilight Blade is a rare type of weapon made on Xia by the Vortixx.


Contrary to popular belief, the Twilight Blade does not have light or shadow powers. It is called the Twilight Blade for two reasons. First, when in bright conditions, with enough skill, and only when swung, the sword's reflective, mirror-like metallic shine will reflect natural light directly into the opponent's eyes, causing temporary blindness, giving the impression that the sword has light powers.

Second, in low-light areas, and once again, when swung, the sword's unique properties will cause it to appear almost invisible, making it harder for the opponent to see the blade, and giving the impression that it has shadow powers, although keen opponents can still see the blade. Because of the amount of skill required to wield it, and the fact that its unique properties are only usable when the sword is swung and depends on the amount of environmental light, only few have ever actually purchased it from Xia.


  • Unlike most BIONICLE MOCs, the actual MOC for the Twilight Blade is extremely large, while the canon version of it is obviously much smaller. 
  • The Twilight Blade was made by BZPower member Nynrah Ghost.
  • Greg Farshtey canonized the Twilight Blade.
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