I am Umbra. I guard the Mask. You shall not pass.
— Umbra to the Toa Inika, Comic 4: A Cold Light Dawns
Biographical Information
Species Unique
Group Order of Mata Nui
Mask Powerless Ruru
Colors Dark green, yellow, silver
Element/Powers Light
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Occupation Hand of Artakha servant (formerly)
Order of Mata Nui servant
Mask of Life Guardian
Tools Laser Lance, Rhotuka
Location Spherus Magna
Status Alive
Pronunciation UM-bruh
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Umbra was a warrior who lived on Voya Nui, guarding the Ignika from those who would misuse it.


Umbra was created by the Great Beings as a servant of the currently-disbanded Hand of Artakha. He was later appointed as the first guardian of the Staircase to the Ignika by the Order of Mata Nui, though he was not and never was a member of the Order. Protodax, Protodites that were enlarged trillions of times by the Ignika, acted as his co-guards.

Anyone who wished to claim the mask would have to defeat him in battle first, even Order members. The Toa Inika, during their quest, had to face Umbra and his Protodax. However, the Protodax were "destroyed" by Umbra, and the Inika couldn't defeat him because of his power to move at incredibly high speeds, approaching the speed of light. However, he was deflected by Ice created by Matoro, and crashed into the ground.

When Voya Nui traveled back to its original place, he continued to wait for the Ignika to be returned, so as to continue his eternal destiny. However, after Teridax died he migrated to the surface of Spherus Magna. He will likely seek out the mask there.

Abilities and Traits[]


Umbra striking a pose, as seen on the back of his box.

Umbra took his job of being a guardian for the Ignika very seriously. Since his assignment, he had dedicated his life to guarding the Kanohi Ignika from everybody, even those that would use it for noble purposes.

Powers and Equipment[]

Umbra's powers were light-based. He also had the ability to turn into a beam of light, allowing him to easily avoid physical attacks. He has no moral shadow, so if his light were to be drained by a Shadow Leech or Kanohi Avsa, he would die.

Umbra wielded a Laser Lance that could fire lasers, as well as being equipped with a Rhotuka launcher that could create hard light projectiles. He wore a powerless Ruru. He also had ultra-speed skates on his feet that allowed him to move at the speed of light. They additionally allowed him to ride on walls and ceilings.

Set Information[]

The first guardian ever created for the Mask of Life, Umbra uses his super-speed, laser lance, and ability to transform himself into a beam of light to defeat all enemies.[1]

  • Umbra was released in 2006 as a Wal-Mart-exclusive set. His set number was 8625, and came with 179 parts.
  • Both ends of his staff can light up.
  • His eyes can also light up, as they use the same parts as the Piraka's eyes.
  • Umbra was the only 2006 set to include a Rhotuka Spinner.


  • "Umbra" is not his real name, but one given to him by the Order of Mata Nui. "Umbra" in Latin means "shadow," which is ironic considering his light-based powers.



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