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The United Village was a combination of the main structures of the villages Tesara, Tajun, Vulcanus, Roxtus and Iconox on Bara Magna.


When the villages were united after the Battle of Roxtus, the ground fell away, revealing the Prototype Robot.

When Mata Nui returned from the Valley of the Maze, he had with him a cube-like object that would power the robot.

After gaining permission to use it, Mata Nui placed the power source and the Kanohi Ignika inside the robot's processor, allowing him to power, reunite, and take control of the robot. When Mata Nui began his true mission, Teridax, controlling Mata Nui's old body, arrived, and their final battle began.

The fight was won by Mata Nui in the prototype robot, who shoved Teridax into the path of one of the moons, and a fragment of Aqua Magna killed him. Mata Nui then used the last of the robot's power to make Spherus Magna bloom. Afterward, it disintegrated.