In the world that feeds the world, of course. The wellspring of flame that blazes bright, yet burns none but its bearer. And he, oh, he it burns until there is nothing left, not even ashes.
— The insane Matoran to Jaller, Nuparu, Hewkii, Matoro, and Kongu, Dark Destiny
Unnamed Av-Matoran
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Biographical Information
Species Matoran
Group Builder of the Toa Canisters
Mask Unknown
Colors Unknown
Element/Powers Light
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Occupation Builder of the Canisters
Tools Unknown (if any)
Location Spherus Magna
Status Alive
Pronunciation N/A
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An unnamed, insane Matoran lived in Karzahni. He was one of the Av-Matoran who built the Toa Canisters in Karda Nui used by the Toa Mata. He met Jaller, Hahli, Hewkii, Nuparu, Matoro, and Kongu during their time in Karzahni. He disguised his colors so as not to reveal that he was a Matoran of Light, so in appearance he was battered and dirt-encrusted. He also had a badly twisted leg. His leg was repaired when he arrived in Metru Nui.


Most of the Matoran's history is unknown, but it is known that at some point shortly after he and his friends had finished building the Toa Canisters in the Universe Core, he was sent to Karzahni by boat, and his mask was removed by Karzahni and replaced with another. It is also known that he went to inform Tren Krom that his time was past, and that Mata Nui had come to take control of the universe. Apparently the encounter with a being of such power destroyed his sanity. He hid in a chamber out of Karzahni's sight for hundreds of years.

Eventually, the Matoran who would soon become Toa Inika arrived in Karzahni on their way to Voya Nui. After looking in an abandoned building for escape, they encountered this Av-Matoran, and he led them to a group of Toa Canisters he and his friends had built. They wanted to use the canisters to go to Voya Nui, but the insane Matoran protested, saying, "Only a Toa so mighty may ride, anyone else, woe betide."

The Matoran were about to leave anyway when Karzahni walked in with Hahli and threatened to destroy the canisters. But Matoro challenged him, and Karzahni gave all of the Matoran a vision of what would happen if Mata Nui died. Karzahni was stunned, and the insane Matoran realized that there was still hope for the universe because Mata Nui was not dead yet. The future Toa Inika left in the canisters. Later, before the Toa Nuva destroyed the realm, the Matoran escaped along with Karzahni's other inhabitants to Metru Nui.

After Teridax's death, he left the Matoran Universe to live on Spherus Magna.


  • Story team member Greg Farshtey later revealed that the Matoran was an Av-Matoran like Takua, and was using his innate light powers to disguise his colors.


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