I'm Akaku94! I have been a Bionicle fanatic and expert since year 1! Kopaka Mata was my first and sentimental favorite Bionicle, Thus "Akaku."

Random Favorite Stuff!

Sport: Soccer

Food: Hamburgers

Toa: Kopaka

Makuta: Teridax

Matoran: Solek

Kanohi: Iden or Akaku

Glatorian: Gelu

Agori: Metus

Other Info

I'm a 15 year old Christian 10th Grade Homeschooler, and I love playing soccer! I have two younger brothers and two younger sisters, but only one of my brothers is interested in Bionicle...


Here are some questions I've been needing answered:

(1) - How do you put a picture in your signature? (2) - How do you make userboxes? (3) - Is there a way to delete old Blog posts? (4) - How is Kopaka possibly so awesome?

Quotes to Think About

- When I die, I want to go peacefully in my sleep, like my Grandpa; not screaming hysterically, like the people in his car.