If you're a bama fan...I hate you...
03 tahu mistika.jpg
Biographical Information
Species Human
Group Elite
Mask Ignika
Colors Orange, Blue
Element/Powers Five
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}
Occupation Friend
Tools Shotgun, Sniper
Location House
Status Alive
Pronunciation Ay Tee Eff One Oh One
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AU I <3 Auburn

Gun If you don't have an airsoft gun you need to get one at walmart; they are for wars and they shoot plastic BB's and don't hurt at all

I ride this to school:8943 image4.png I ride this to church: 8943 image3.png I ride this to airsoft wars8943 image2.png and 100% of the time i win agisnt spade .

Midak.jpg 215pxiii'mmm bbbaaaccckkk i'm back}}

EvelestI iz dah evelest dude evah!!! No rights reserved.
You gotta promblem wi dat?!?!
You wanna take
dis somewhere quiet?!?!

Airsoft I have Shotgun!!!!!!
File:I'm back!!.jpg
what you lokin at this is me when i'm mad
i'm du $ main. info
haha hoofroodat
i can spell better thanan 12'th grader vcdgdvyfhev hxcgyfbvhdsvfyus bfdhfbhdbv ubfchjd hjewdebfhdevb fhubhrebfgv jfebhuhhbruhnb bfdhyfbvryh hdcbchefdbv hfbgvhdsb byehgby hdfbvyhf rgbyfuyser kbdgouifyh hfdbyhudb hefbguhfb fhbvuigbtrf jgtrfbnh tngju jirthgui urehguj hrughbnj
age this user is 13

03 tahu mistika.jpg

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