Bara Magna

aka Cecil Fluorescences

  • I live in Hyrule
  • My occupation is Competitive Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournaments
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Bara Magna

The Bionicle Wiki
Former Administrator
Bara Magna
Autobiographical Information
Species Human
Group Admins (formerly)
Kanohi Mask of Evolution
Colors Brown, Tan, Gold, Goldenrod
Element Boredom
Occupation Student
Tools Sword (in real life!) Computer, Wii Remote
Location Gone
Enemies Teachers, Ninjas
Friends Kittens, Spaghetti

My Sandbox

Hi, I'm Bara Magna, a senior member and formerly an Administrator (or "Admin" for short) here. I mostly add templates and correct spelling, but I like to update the storyline too. The rest of the internet knows me as Stygmax. It's been so long now I may have forgotten, but I'm pretty sure I applied the wiki's current color.


Your local admins. (Outdated by 3 years)


MAH BOI Kodanball

Bara Magna (Place)

BM Map

Articles I Made

In addition to helping this wiki, I also created some articles:

Bohrok Swarms

A team to cleanse this wiki of unneeded info.

User Blog:Bara Magna/Bohrok Swarms

Other Wikis I Edit

  • MarioWiki
  • Ga'Hoole Wiki
  • UnBionicle Wiki
  • BIONICLEsector01 (BS01) as Clickman


NOTE: This section is obsolete due to the discovery of my Sandbox. However, it is the oldest section of my page, and I will not get rid of it.

test test test

BaraMagna 9000:08, January 123, 3000 (UTC)


Happy Birthday!
This user celebrates his birthday on March 12th!

Important Info
200px-Unity, Duty and Destiny The rating system has been indefinitely suspended.

3,613 This user has edited this wiki 3,613 times!!!
Matanuistone This user is a great spirit.
Vandal Killer This user kills vandals
Mr.L This user is a Super Paper Mario fan of The Green Thunder....MR. L!!
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Juntierius (A Jungle Glatorian)

Aquis (A Water Glatorian)

Updated Tuma

Updated Takanuva Stars

A Great Being

The Sand Sage (A Vorox king)

Gelus (A Ice Glatorian)

Corellia (A Female Ice Glatorian)

Latheriea (A Toa of Psionics)

Avkanuva (A Toa of Light) (Self MOC)

Pelorius (A Toa of Plantlife)

Prophecy of the Month

"Hero Factory Will Be In The BIONICLE Universe."

(This is probably wrong)

Why Bara Magna?

I was originally going to call myself Gelu64, but I realized that it might be hard to memorize, so I chose Bara Magna, easy to remember.

More Info On Me

Administrator Information
Occupation Previously an Administrator\Sysop
Age Confidential
Location America
Native Language English
Number of Edits 3,613 and counting
Favorite TV Show None
Political View Uh...the president is bearable.
Name Avkanuva
Kanohi Mask of Evolution-see blog and above infobox
Element Light, Wiki
Other Powers Admin Powers
Tools "Golden-Hilted Sword


Strength: 13%
Agility: 22%
Toughness: 11%
Mind: 100%

Random Quote

"Welcome to BS01. We consider your edits to be idoitic, pointless, and complete blasphemy. Therefore, please go and rot in a hole."

--(On BS01) Bioran23 editing Template:EditingWarning.

Images I Uploaded

Fawful Dark Star

Dark Fawful


No Image


Bara Magna FS Vaati{ME AM WATCHING U||Contribs}


You've reached the end of my page.

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