The Ga-Kini temple, dedicated to Gali and lying in the seas of Ga-Wahi

"My friends, remember above all things to be true to yourself. It serves no purpose to be false, for the earth cannot be deceived." - Turaga Whenua.

"Gathered friends, listen again to the tale of the Bionicle." - Turaga Vakama. Many, many, many times.....

“No, not gone. Not really…but he’s right. The best way to honor him for the gifts he has given us is to make this world what he wanted it to be: a place of peace, a living world where Matoran and Agori can achieve their destinies.

Come, my friends, new and old…it is time to begin.” -Tahu, Comic 7: Rebirth

Mah Story

I obsess about Bionicle. I got my first Bionicles by accident, actually. When we moved back to America in 2004, on our first day in our new house my parents and I toured the house together. The last place we saw was the basement and lying there, in the middle of the floor in our newly-built house (no previous owner), was a plastic bag, and inside that bag were a bunch of white parts and a second bag, also full of white and grey plastic parts. We all thought it was strange and had no idea what it was, and over the years several times each of us in turn thought about throwing the bags away- there were no instructions or labels to say what it was or how to build it. The next year, 2005, I started playing with Legos- the Star Wars sets- and I started going to the Lego website, where I played the Bionicle Spinner Challenge game and made my Lego Club page with Bionicle stickers, although I still didn't know what Bionicle was and didn't care enough to investigate. In 2008, I started getting Lego Magazine, and read the Battle for Power comics 13-15, telling myself the whole time "I don't like Bionicle, I WILL not buy Bionicles and get tied up in this!". but still racing through to find out if Mata Nui and the Toa make it out OK. In 2009 the story got a fresh start and the figures came with their own game, and I took the new story as a chance to join Bionicle at a time when I knew as much about the new story as dedicated fans did. I took my 140 or so dollars and, in January 2009, bought all twelve Glatorian and Agori sets. And a young boy was hooked for life. I followed the story (and the sets) through 2010, and was the only outsider to be notified of's imminent closing on the date of June 7th when, less than two weeks after they fixed up part of the site (at my request), that same part again stopped working (which occurred twelve days later, on Wednesday, June 19th, 2013,) and took the opportunity to archive every image, video, page, etc. from the site (and would later find two websites that already did that, and more). I am now a dedicated collector of Bionicles, mostly figures, but have also purchased comics, books, and almost every guide, and have plans of buying much more. Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy my page!

Current Projects

I'm currently working on a small Water tribe settlement styled after the original Ga-Koro- beach, one water hut, and small ocean. I'm also working on a hybrid Le-Koro/Jungle Tribe Village, which will fuse the classic and current Air/Jungle tribe villages and feature both Matoran and Protectors.

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