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You're kidding, right?

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That's more like it.

I was around here all the time back in the day. When I joined Bioniclepedia, it was a bit of a mess, and we didn't really have any leadership. I've seen the site grow by leaps and bounds since then. It's been awesome. I ended up becoming an Administrator, then Bureaucrat and eventually the site leader when Bioniclepedia went independent and The Bionicle Wiki was born.

A couple of years ago, I stepped down from my administrative duties here due to time commitments. I pretty much dropped of the face of the map around the Bionicle parts of the Internet. A couple of weeks ago, I was going on a nostalgia trip and found that Wiki Metru was still alive, and a bunch of my old friends were still around. And, sure enough, TBW's got a whole new crop of editors.

I figure now's as good a time as ever to get back into TBW. If only I could figure out this newfangled layout...

As far as me, personally, I'm 21 years old, a devout Christian, a solid nerd, and going to school for engineering.

Bionicle Favorites

Some of my favorite things in Bionicle.


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