Hello Everybody! Welcome to EU's Userpage. I am a know-it-all about BIONICLE and am wondering why this computer doesn't say Bionicle is Misspelled. I have been with Bionicle since 2001 starting by getting a Mctoran. I was Purty young back then and I thought it was just a little mcdonalds toy. (it was one of my favorites though) I got interested in the story of Bionicle in 2006.

My Skills: I can read and write Matoran without a key. (yeah seriously)

Which Toa am I the most like? In the Which Toa Nuva are you quiz I came out as Kopaka. When I took the which Toa Metru test are you I came out as Matau. I am guessing that means I am a split personality. =P

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