Hello. I used to be User:Tahnok84, then one day I logged out and realized I couldn't log back in. I had to create a new account to do anything else. My new page will be the same as my old one, and you can consider my previous self's contributions to be mine. Okay, that's the end of my sad little tale. :-) :-(

Formerly Tahnok84
Biographical Information
Species The only known Human Toa
Group Toa Mahri (I replaced Matoro)
Mask Kanohi Digon, the Great Mask of Resisting the Urge to Kill My BIONICLE-Hating Sister, which looks just like the Ignika. I'm going to ask Nuhrii to make me a Kadin too.
Colors Sort of pinkish without my armor, white & silver with it
Element/Powers Ice
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}
Occupation Toa of Ice, soon-to-be Guardian of Metru Nui
Tools Kopaka's Ice Blade and Matoro's Cordak Blaster
Location Earth, soon to be Metru Nui
Status Bored but alive
Pronunciation For-mer-lee Tah-nohk ay-tee fore











Matoro1.png This user honors Matoro.

60+ This user has over 60 bionicle lego sets.
Unity, Duty and Destiny.jpg This user is a Bionicle freak!

67 This user has an army of 67 BIONICLE sets and is not afraid to use them.

18 This user's favorite number is 18.

Lhikan.jpg This user's favorite Toa is Lhikan.
Matorom.PNG This user's other favorite Toa is Matoro.
OASIS This user is an Oasis fan.
REDWALL This user is also a Redwall fan.
Phantoka.jpg This user thinks 2008 was a good year for Bionicle.
Pohatu new.jpg This user likes Pohatu.
This user has an army of Vorahk and is not afraid to use them.
Makuta species.jpg This user also has an army of Makuta he isn't afraid to use.
Kadin.png This user would love to have a Kadin.
everquick, lowduck, highjump, sorryoops, etc, etc. This user loves Treespeak.
Hewkii Matoran.jpg This user thinks he would make a good Po-Matoran.
Infected kanohi small.jpg This user is a member of Mask of Destiny.
Hahlim.PNG This user thinks Hahli Inika is underrated. (Seriously, the "mustache" isn't nearly as bad when you get used to it.)


One of my two favorite Toa teams

My other favorite Toa team

My favorite Toa of Fire

My favorite Toa of Water

My favorite Toa of Air

My favorite Toa of Stone

My favorite Toa of Earth

My favorite Toa of Ice


An extremely cool combo model, no?

I wish I had come up with this

My other favorite Toa team in their even cooler forms

My first ever Bionicle set

He's going on my Christmas list.

So is he.

About moi

  • Location: The most boring place in the world, aka Indiana.
  • Age: 13
  • Favorite BIONICLE set: Why do I have to choose?! All right, Pohatu Mata.
  • Favorite bands etc.: Oasis, the Stone Roses, the Beatles, the Verve.
  • Favorite books: the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer and the Redwall books by Brian Jacques (my Redwall Wiki page is here.)
  • Favorite pastime: Building BIONICLE MOCs with my Ultimate Creature Building Set (I don't like taking apart my sets), playing with my sets, and reading my aforementioned favorite books.
  • Favorite websites: Bioniclepedia, Redwall Wiki and BZPower.
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