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Headless8's favorite bionicle is Makuta Vamprah because he has a shadow leech. He will also make a book (not cannon).

Biographical Information
Species Makuta
Group None
Mask Kakama
Colors grey,black
Element/Powers shadow
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}
Occupation An editor of Bioniclepedia
Tools computer,Bionicle knowledge
Location Bioniclepedia(Duh!)
Status {{{10}}}
Pronunciation {{{11}}}

He needs a head! His favorite Dark Hunter is Shadow Stealer Because he has the element of shadow. He made the article about the matoran prifix Ko meaning ice. He is not shure how he found Bioniclepedia.

The Story

One day a kid named Headless8 was surfing the web for something "bionicley". He then found a jackpot of bionicle on Wikipedia. A few months later , he found a new website called Bioniclepedia. He went there almost every day for a month before becoming a member. So he called himself Headless8 like on the Lego Club. He then lived happily ever after........almost.

An Article

Headless8 then got board , and decided to edit an article. He only found one..The Kraahkan. So he went to work. He was board again. So he wrote about the matoran prefix Ko. He was happy once again.


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Funny Stuff

Here Headless8 has jokes, wiki images with funny captions, and just funny stuff.

  • Q: What two words do you hear in toa when it is backwards?

A: A toe! HA HA HA!!!

  • Look! Luigi!

Luigi.gif He's dancing!HA! HA!

  • Now Luigi is hitting Mario!(No offense to Mario fans.)

With a hammer! HA! HA!

  • And last but not least, Mario is hitting Luigi!(No offense to Luigi fans.)

With a hammer! HA! HA!

I don't get these jokes.


Why is that there???


File:Imapenguin.jpg This user is a Penguin and he and all his Penguin buddies plan to take over Cheese World!

ghybvtensa8v2a5on82 This user likes banging on the keyboard
10 This user's favorite number is 10.

Zombie Grr! Brains! Brains!
Wiki.PNG This user would LOVE to be an Admin someday
SUCKER! This user is kinda suckish at making userboxes

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