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Hyrum 101
Biographical Information
Species Rouge Cyborg Makuta
Group Bioncle fan
Mask The mask of programing.
Colors Red
Element/Powers Shadow
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}
Occupation Reading ,Tinkering with bioncles,and Playing on the computer.
Tools Firesword, X-ray goggles, Disk, Computer, Plasma gun, Missle launcher, Army of cyborg Vakhi.
Location 3 mile long star ship heading towards earth!
Status Unknown
Pronunciation '

Hello everybody! Welcome to my userpage!

My history

I first got a Bionicle when I was six,or seven,(I got Pohatu and Onua.) and then I was off! I got all the Toa,some Mc Donald's matoran,and two bohrok. About when when I was getting as many Toa as possible,I went to for the fist time.(I think it was the first time I went on the internet.)Any way from then on I liked bionicles a lot! I like to mess with bioncle a lot.



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