Biographical Information
Species Matoran of Light
Mask Hau
Colors Red
Element/Powers Light
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Occupation Admin of Bioniclepedia
Tools Phaser
Location Metru Nui
Status He's dead, Jim
Pronunciation Leh-goh Loh-vher
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Hi Guys:

I've been gone for a very long time, but I remembered this wiki one day so I've decided to come back to tie up some loose ends. I'm resigning as whatever I am right now. I don't know if I'm chief admin anymore or what! I just wanted to say that it was really fun to work on this wiki.

When I found the original BIONICLE wikia, called Nuipedia, it was filled with false information. One example was it said that "Krekka was a Toa with Nidhiki". The former admin of Nuipedia was a guy named KFan II, who was banned from BionicleSector 01 for spreading false information. So in spite, he created his own wiki. Well, I found the wiki abandoned one day and asked Wikia for admin powers to it. I got them, and Nuipedia was no more.

Bioniclepedia was born.

KFan II would return one day. He saw himself as being ousted in a coup (he wasn't totally wrong, but it was a coup for the right reason.) He tried to ban me from "his" website, but Wikia staff informed him that as he had spread false information and abused the wiki, he was no longer in charge. He has not visited the wiki since. Bioniclepedia grew and grew. I think at one point we had more articles than BS01.

But I dissapeared as I had school, friends, and other stuff to do in meatspace. But now the Bionicle Wiki, no longer Bioniclepedia, is in a new generation of fans whom I am sure will do a great job of maintaining the website. Part of me cannot believe that I am part of the reason for perhaps the largest Bionicle Wiki in the universe.

But part of me also knows that I could not have made it without the help of other admins and editors like you all. So thank you. You know what, looking back, there is some irony. KFan II started Nuipedia and was ousted by me. Then Nuipedia became Bioniclepedia. Now I'm the one who is ousted and Bioniclepedia is The Bionicle Wiki.

So I'd like to thank all of you who read, edit, and manage Bioniclepedia/The Bionicle Wiki.


LegoLover AKA Tacku

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