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Lesovikk 1996 was a half-Shadow/half-Air Toa.

Lesovikk1996: The Shadow Toa


Lesovikk1996 was a Toa Lesovikk from an alternate universe. Prior to the Makuta's invasion of Karda Nui, Tridax experimented on several Toa from alternate universes. One such captive as Lesovikk1996, a Lesovikk codenamed 1996 among other captives. Lesovikk was considered to be the Shadow Toa army, although further experimentation proved Takanuva, despite having a great deal of Light to leech, would be the most powerful Shadow Toa. This was because as a being of pure Light, the leech would leave him entirely Shadow and more powerful than a being of Air with a minuscule of Light (although this minuscule was enough to render him a being of Shadow). Tridax attempted to execute the Toa upon no longer requiring him. Partially leeched, the use of his Air element was diminished as only Shadow would fill that void, and therefore required the replenishment of Air elemental energy.

Saga for the Air Energies

Lesovikk1996: Bioniclepedia

In real life, Lesovikk1996 is actually Bryan, who lives in Illinois. Just several years ago, I was a Transformers fan who recently re-entered the LEGO brand. Although LEGO Bionicles are my favorite, I also collect LEGO City and other sets.

I own many sets from the recent years. These are it!

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