aka Master Lewa (Formerly)

  • I live in a place where I'm watching you read this.
  • My occupation is watching you read about how I live in a place where I am watching you read this.
  • I am watching you read about how my job is to watch you read about how I live in a place where I am watching you read about how I am watching you read this. (It's complicated)

Back to working on this wiki as of 2013! Being a rollbacker and inactive for a year is pretty disrespectful really. Plus I started reading the books again.

I shall begin with 'Meh'.

Now before we begin with anything you may have been directed here through Master Lewa's page... That is simply because I am Master Lewa except on an alternate account. One may ask me why I chose to leave after 888 edits on here, and thus I will answer that Nimrod-0//NimrodZero//Nimrod0 is my Username on pretty much everything else I am present on, keeping it different here on Wikia was simply a hastle for anyone trying to find me, and I am much more comfortable with Nimrod-0.

Nimrod-0's BackgroundEdit

About me:Edit

I am a young man, focused on using my gifts and talents to making a positive impact on this world.

My interests:Edit

Colonial American History, Cooking, Gaming, Graphite art, Writing, Digital art,  Modding


Graphite Artist, Author


United States of America - Oklahoma

Nimrod-0 on WikiaEdit

Now, enough with the boring stuff about my background, let us get onto the subject of this community. At one point in time, I was known as Master Lewa. The account is now deactivated. "Why would you deactivate an account with so many edits?" Well, I was going to change the profile's name, but I created this Nimrod-0 account first, and thusly Wiki could not alter the name afterward. I changed to Nimrod-0 because that is what I am known as everywhere else, and it just made things easier.

The only other wiki I am active on is the Skyrim Wikia.

What I do here...Edit

As a Rollbacker, it is my duty to revert any edits that are vandalization or simply uneeded.

However, I mostly just type 'Somebody isn't doing their job' into the search bar and rework the pages to "restore the worthiness".

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