Keighvin ( was my original username, until I decided to changed it.

My Lego Id is keighvin861 Now about four years ago I left, mostly due to Bionicle's demise.

I have not done much on the internet other than play a couple of online games (Such as Facebook apps) until a year and a half ago when I decided I got bored of facebook apps. I was still playing a couple of games that linked to facebook, but then I stopped playing those eventually. Did play the game D.O.T. (Defender of Texel) for a while. but this is all unimportant.

About a year ago I started playing "Spore" from Maxis until less than a month ago. I made mostly creatures until I got Spore Galactic Adventures back on Christmas of 2013, where I found one of my big claims to fame, making my ever popular Mecha-Captains. Recently thoughI needed a break from Spore due to the contest I was running that I needed to make throphies for, and due to lack of new ideas. Another big claim to fame of mine was the Carapider. 

While this is all fine and dandy though, it has little to do with Bionicle, though I do still collect sets if I happen to find them. I think my last find was at a thrift store where I found an un-opened Panarak and Thanorak. That was maybe two years ago which makes it an excellent find! (Considering I got them both less than the original cost of just one of them!)

Recently I came back as I seem to have found out that Lego is re-releasing Bionicle in 2015. time to re-learn some formatting.

Trivial Facts About Me...

  • On the game called "Spore" my username is KeiandAid. Bionilce's return has nothing to do with why I took a leave of absence from the game though. It is actually because of a contest I ran, I still need to announce the results but I am not going to do so until the trophies are designed for it. The was also the lack of ideas too....
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