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Remember those Kanohi packs? Whatever happened to those?

Toa osmap.jpg
Biographical Information
Species Toa
Group Toa Kaduoi
Mask Great Dugai (shaped like a great Ruru) Great Nadulon (secondary)
Colors White, Gray, Black
Element/Powers Ice
Homeland Karzahni
Occupation Mask Maker, Toa Kaduoi
Tools Frost Halberd, Ice Cannon
Location Famuud Nui
Status Deceased
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Toa Osmap

An original creation, that's not really that original because I'm horrible at MoCs. See here for all of my CBwiki pages.


  • My favorite Toa is Kopaka.
  • My favorite Element is Ice.
  • My favorite Kanohi design is the great Ruru.
  • My favorite Kanohi power is the Kualsi's power of quick travel.
  • My favorite Barraki is Pridak.

More Favorites

  • My favorite Toa Mata/Nuva is Kopaka.
  • My favorite Toa Metru is Vakama.
  • My favorite Toa Hordika is Onewa
  • My favorite Toa Mahri is Nuparu.
  • My favorite lone Toa is Krakua. - If only I had the parts to build him...

My View on Bionicles (2008 and back)

  • The most creative design by Lego was the Toa Hordika.
  • The most creative design by someone other than Lego, was Krakua's design.

Stuff About Me In Real Life

  • I am a fan of the Angry Video Game Nerd. If you're under 13, for the love of GOD don't google that. And I'm Buddhist. O_o
  • I think that the Irate Gamer is a plagiarist, don't google that either kids.
  • My favorite games are Soul Calibur III and Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. I also like Animal Crossing Wild World.
  • I don't have a Wii because it's STILL sold out in my neck of the woods.
  • I also really like Legos, especially Lego Castle.

Sets Owned




  • Kopaka Nuva
  • Takua - His right shoulder is slightly damaged, so instead of properly fixing him up by ordering a part I just taped it and gave him a weapon. Hey wait a minute...






  • Pohatu's great Kakama
  • Tahu's great Hau Nuva
  • Scorch, an MoC.
  • Va Bird, an MoC.

My Rating

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