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this is the colors of all of the kratta. if you want its original content then your in luck!!! just use this link:


heres another picture

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After all the duplicate “What is my Kraata’s level” topics, I thought we could all use an official Kraata level and color topic and Raptordx1 agreed, so here it is.

First are the levels.

GregF told us that the Kraata levels went from 1-6 on the back of the Rahkshi instruction manual with level 1 being on the bottom and level 6 being on the top.

Here is the picture that is on the back of the Rahkshi instruction manual.

And here is a picture I took showing the levels from the top so that you can see the differences better.

The second portion of the Kraata differences are the color combinations.

GregF has also told us that there are 252 Kraata (plus the Shadow Kraata but that isn’t out yet so we won’t be including it here) so with 6 levels for each color combination that is 42 different color combos.

In order to describe these color combinations, I will be using the following descriptions. I have included the corresponding Krana or Krana Kal so that we can all understand which colors I’m talking about.

Copper – Nuhvok Kal Bronze – Tahnok Kal Metallic Gray – Pahrak Kal Metallic White – Kohrak Kal Metallic Blue – Gahlok Kal Metallic Green – Lehvak Kal Green – Pahrak Light Green – Nuhvok Blue – Tahnok Light Blue – Kohrak Orange – Gahlok Red – Lehvak Tan – Pahrak VA Black – Nuhvok VA Yellow – Tahnok VA White – Kohrak VA Light Gray – (No corresponding Krana or Krana Kal color, it is lighter than the Lehvak VA gray)

On to the pictures!

First we have the Rahkshi color combinations. Note that these are not quite the same as those pictured on the back of the Rahkshi instructions. I have included the names and Rahkshi powers associated with each of these Kraata for your information.

Next we have the other “wild” Kraata. These are Kraata that have been wandering the island for years and which the Turaga have been capturing and placing in stasis tubes in the cave by Po-Koro.

I hope you all find this information useful and informative.

If you find an error with this list, please let me know.

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