Teridax Possessing MU.png
Biographical Information
Species Matoran (Formerly), Toa (Formerly), Great Spirit
Group Unknown
Mask None
Colors Blue, grey
Element/Powers Unknown
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}
Occupation Unknown
Tools None
Location The Earth
Status Alive
Pronunciation '


My history is secret!

Behind the creation of these articles

  • The Bone Hunter Template
  • Makutaverse rebellion force

Favorite characters

Matoran Universe

Hewkii2.jpgHewkii.jpgHewkiii.PNGHewkii Mahri Ani.png

  1. Hewkii
  2. Takanuva
  3. Teridax
  4. Mata Nui
  5. Pohatu
  6. Brutaka
  7. Helryx
  8. Icarax
  9. Vezon
  10. Antroz

2nd Favorites

Maku Tohunga.jpgMacku.jpg

  1. Macku
  2. Jaller
  3. Miserix
  4. Mutran
  5. Karzahni

Bara Magna


  1. Tarix
  2. Tuma
  3. Gresh
  4. Malum
  5. Raanu

2nd Favorites


  1. Strakk
  2. Berix
  3. Fero

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