It would seem Kaita are exponential. Toa combine to form Kaita, Kaita combine to form more powerful Kaita... Why, every Toa on Spherus Magna could form a single Kaita, if they wished.
— --Quimulot about himself
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Quimulot Information
Species Toa Kaita
Group N/A
Mask Torumin
Colors Orange, Keet Orange, Yellow, Transparent Neon Yellow, Gunmetal, Bronze, Gold, Silver, White, Black, Grey, Purple, Mata Red
Element/Powers Plasma, Fire, Lightning, Water, Air, Plantlife, Sonics, Magnetism, Gravity
Homeland Multiple (Fusion)
Occupation N/A
Tools Tripleshot Zamor Launcher, Claws
Location Spherus Magna
Status Unfused
Pronunciation KEY-mull-OAT
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Quimulot is a Toa Kaita made up of Toa Kaita.


Quimulot was only formed once, to find and deal with rampaging Marendar following the Battle of Bara Magna. He later went to New Atero, where he defused and became the resident Toa Team.

Personality and Traits

Quimulot was a master tactician. He could create and knew when to use traps that used brute force, traps that hopelessly confused their targets, traps that were actually placebos, traps that were all of the above, and more. No one ever knew everything he was thinking, and he could manipulate most into thinking he was thinking a thought when he was actually thinking of thinking of some other thought. This caused him to appear insane at times, but he was always sane and always had a reason for his actions.

Powers and Equipment

Quimulot possessed great physical strength, being between Nocturn and Mata Nui in terms of strength; and great mental strength, being able to resist the influence of Kanohi such as Volitak, Huna, Komau, Olisi, a Mask of Charisma, or a Mask of Incomprehension. Being a Kaita, he possessed the elemental powers of his component Toa: Plasma, Fire, Lightning, Water, Air, Plantlife, Sonics, Magnetism, and Gravity. He wore the Kanohi Torumin, which was a fusion of a Calix, a Kualsi, a Mask of Intangibility, a Zatth, a Mask of Rahi Control, a Faxon, a Hau, a Matatu, and a Mask of Density Control. He also possessed large, scythe-like claws that were part of his left hand, and could direct his elemental powers. In his right hand he had a modified Zamor launcher that could shoot three Zamor at once. His Zamors, when they struck something, caused it to instantly teleport to the location it was struck at at the end of every minute. This effect could be removed by being struck again, or by using a sufficiently powerful alternate means of teleportation such as an Olmak. Botar's species were immune as they could naturally teleport. It is unknown if Kapura is immune, however since his technique likely does not employ teleportation he probably is not immune.


  • Quimulot's name is a portmanteau of "qui multas potestates", meaning "one who has many powers" in Latin.
  • Similarly, his mask name, "Torumin", is a portmanteau of "multorum ingeniis", meaning "many abilities" in Latin.
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