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— A BZPower member.
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Dear Hewkii...

Some of the contents of this article are non-canon, meaning that they are not a part of the BIONICLE story. Be warned that this article is about as true as Maku's love for Hewkii.

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My Blogs

Complete blogs:

A Great Being Speaks

Magalai tells the history of the Great Beings and shows the homeland, Ocea Magna.

Megarzla Nui: An Island in Danger

Magalai must fight a Makuta to deliver his tablets.

Hired Hand

Magalai must kill his Prototype Toa-who now has Great Being powers. Skrall Story Part 7

Now no longer part of continuity.

Skrall Story Part 4

Maglai and Sebin encounter a powered-up Tuma.



Many Glatorian tell tales of their own exploits during the war.

Ackar's Tale: The Silent Killers

Vastus' Tale: The Ambush

Tarix's Tale: A Broken Promise

Kiina's Tale: Future Friends

Gelu's Tale

A Skrall's Tale: Standing Alone

A Vorox's Tale: Hint of Madness

Telluris' Tale

Strakk's Tale

Stronius' Tale

Certavus' Tale(in a dream): The Most Unjust War Ever Waged

About me

.Hi. I'm a Christian Bionicle nerd with a photographic memory, so I can remember everything I read about the story. Just like Mata Nui (Being), I'm driven to learn all I can about Bionicle, even though the Legend is ending. I always use my colors (and elements) in this order: Red, Blue, Brown, White, Black and Green (and sometimes Yellow!). I did this because:

Fire (and thus red) is always the leader of the Toa teams.

I started off with the Toa Metru, so Blue and Water was the deputy leader.

Stone tended to be an adder. I just put it in here.

Ice was my second favorite element, so I put it as the "leader" of the second half. (Hey, I was 7, okay?)

Earth was another adder. I thought him more important than Green.

Green I thought the least important.

Yellow was always the "Seventh Toa", so I put it in seventh.

I have a sister who is a member of the Warriors Wiki:

My Bionicle Experience

When I was 7, I walked into a Wal-Mart and went to the toy section while my mom shopped. I saw a cool canister set (one of the Toa Metru) and wanted one. Unfortunately, due to my piddly allowance (Hey, mom! Can you buy this for me!) I ended up looking at the Matoran sets. I bought the brown one (Ahkmou) because I thought brown was a cooler color. I lost the instructions, and I had about zero experience with Technic bricks, plus I'm not that strong, so it took me 30 minutes to put him together. (Mom! I can't jam the foot into the head piece!) Later that week, one of my aunts bought me Whenua and Nokama, and I built those. That Christmas, I got Turaga Dume and Nivawk, and that really started me off.

Blog Characters

My name is Magalai.
— Magalai

A Great Being and Head Creator. He is a small, weak figure, but incredibly smart. He was formerly apprenticed to SHUFF, and created the Opee, Colo, and SMALL-DOG CREATURE on Ocea Magna. He was a hero in the Migration, and later created the Agori and Glatorian on Spherus Magna. He was the Great Being who created the Matoran language and Matoran, and also was the one who wrote and delivered the Great Being's history. He has since been killed by Rondem and is now on Earth.


A Great Being Speaks (first appearance)

Megarzla Nui: An Island in Danger

Hired Hand

— Sebin

Another Great Being and a Monitor. Sebin was MAGALAI's first friend, and also is a powerfully built being. He was almost killed during the Migration, but ended on Spherus Magna. He was assigned to Monitor there. He accompanied Magalai when the battle against RONDEM threatened Mata Nui, and later killed Rondem along with HEREMUS. He is currently on Ocea Magna.


Hired Hand

— Heremus

Another Great Being and Mechanic. A twin of ANGONCE, he built a shuttle to execute the Migration. He built Mata Nui and the Baterra, along with another shuttle for the return to Ocea Magna. He accompanied MAGALAI to take down RONDEM, and is back on Ocea Magna.


A Great Being Speaks

Hired Hand


Can you make a powerful energy source?
— Angonce

Brother of Heremus. A twin of HEREMUS, he built the shuttle for the Migration and also built Mata Nui and another Shuttle. He travelled back to Bara Magna after taking out the Colo.


A Great Being Speaks

SHUFF (shuh-ff): 
I take Magalai as my apprentice.
— Shuff

A former leader of the Great Beings. He tutored Magalai when that being was only a child. He created the SHOBAG and also whales and birds. According to Magalai, he was killed by the Opee.


A Great Being Speaks (not named)

BRIFUS (Brie-fuss): 
Heremus, give him one.
— Brifus

Leader that took over the Great Beings after SHUFF. He was a wise leader, and consulted Magalai on many matters.


Megarzla Nui: An Island In Danger (mentioned)

Hired Hand (briefly)

RONDEM (Ron-dum):
I'm far more than a vandal, Toa.
— Rondem

A prototype Toa. Created by MAGALAI, he rebelled shortly after and spent a living as an assassin for 100,000 years. Later on, he gained Great Being powers and fought Magalai, SEBIN, and HEREMUS. He killed Magalai but was killed himself.


Hired Hand

If you answer the riddle, you may stay.
— Gazder

A Rahaga and leader of Megarzla Nui. Years ago, a Ki-Matoran (Matoran of Magma) ran afoul of Miserix, who used his mask to mutate him into a Rahaga. He travelled by boat with RAST to Megarzla Nui and established himself as a ruling council member. He later met MAGALAI.


Megarzla Nui: An Island In Danger

RAST (Rast): 
Amazing! No one has ever gotten that before!
— Rast

A Turaga of Magma, he was a friend of GAZDER and a ruling Turaga of Megarzla Nui. He travelled with Gazder to that Island, and established a firm lead, even against the SHADOW. He later met MAGALAI when he journeyed there.


Megarzla Nui: An Island In Danger

DASTAK (dass-tack): 
I'm a Thu-Matoran, or Matoran of Plantlife.
— Dastak

A Thu-Matoran and friend of MAGALAI. This Matoran was originally living on Artahka, but journeyed by Toa Canister to Metru Nui. On the trip back, he was stranded on Megarzla Nui. He also knows where Artahka is. He met Magalai and became a friend, and later a Toa of Plantlife.


Megarzla Nui: An Island In Danger

KARJ (car-j): 
Let me have him.
— Karj

A Toa of Plasma and Toa Hagah. He was originally part of Spiriah's team of Toa, but went to Megarzla Nui after the team disbanded. He is vicious and malevolent, and borderline on evil, but would have fought to the death against the SHADOW. He later met MAGALAI.


Megarzla Nui: An Island In Danger

Go. Fight and die for a lost cause.
— The Shadow

A Makuta and biomechanical. He had no light and was assigned to Megarzla Nui and part of the Mainland by Miserix. He turned evil at the time of Teridax's rebellion, and later decided to take over his island. He was foiled by MAGALAI and AMPORT.


Megarzla Nui: An Island In Danger

When do we go? Can we go now? Am I allowed out?
— Shasa, as a Matoran

A Toa of Light. For a long time after the Time Slip, Shasa thought he was a Ko-Matoran, but he was really an Av-Matoran. He wandered, like Takua, all over Megarzla Nui after being placed there. MAGALAI later turned him and AMPORT into Toa. He fought against the SHADOW in the final battle, and later struck up a relationship with Amport. He was the recipient of the Tablets.


Megarzla Nui: An Island In Danger

AMPORT (ahm-port): 

I'll kill you. I'm not a "good" Toa anymore. Shadow does that to a girl.
— Amport

A Toa of Shadow, and briefly a Toa of Lightning. After escaping Karzhani, this Vo-Matoran travelled to Megarzla Nui and aided SHASA in his travels. She was turned into a Toa by MAGALAI after escaping from the SHADOW and having her light drained. Magalai turned her good again and she struck up a relationship with Shasa after killing the Shadow.


Megarzla Nui: An Island In Danger

THEBIONICLELEGEND: Hopefully, I'm going to add a twist and put me in. Wrote all the stories.

Favorite Sets

Favorite Characters:

Best of Bionicle

  • Absolutely loved when they moved to Bara Magna!
  • Didn't like the Reign of Shadows
  • I think Metru Nui was a good idea.

Favorite Elements (In order)

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Light
  • Water
  • Air
  • Shadow

Questions I would ask Greg Farshtey

  • What happened to the Ignika's personality when Mata Nui was put into it?
  • Why didn't Mata Nui kill Teridax before he put him to sleep?
  • Why didn't you make Kualus, Pouks, Bomonga, and Gaaki into sets, too?
  • After Teridax took over the Matoran Universe, did he create new Shadow Matoran?
  • Why do the Glatorian, Skrall, and Agori not need Kanohi, but the Toa, Turaga and Matoran did?

My favorite pages

Other Wikis I edit

Septimus Heap Wiki

Wookiepedia, the Star Wars Wiki (as Registered Contributor)

Marvelpedia, the Marvel Wiki

Bionicle Wiki's

BS01 for new material for us.

Wiki Magna


Really young, TTTE (Thomas the Tank Engine) wiki

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Teridax is awesome!.

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