thumb|350px|leftHello! I am a Bionicle fan! I have 32 Bionicle toys: Nokama, Nuju, keerakh, Avak, Matoro, Hewkii (Mahri Version), Pohatu (Phantoka Version), Kopaka (Phantoka Version), Photok, Solek, Chirox, Chirop, Vamprah, Gavla, Gali (Mistika Version), Krika, Toa Ignika, Vultraz, Ehlek, Takadox, Raanu, Metus.... I'm sorry that Bionicle is over! HERO FACTORY IS BAAAD! I have a Hero Factory toy.....

Do You Remember These Series?

My Bionicle Toy Gallery

I think my inventions are idiots! Don't know....! Search in My Blogs Sargoth And Whaiton.

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