• I was born on October 30
  • My occupation is A gamer and a Spartan
  • I am Male

"I don't work with Makuta because I don't work with Makuta even I have shadow powers" Miguel to The Toa Nuva Team

I am Toa Miguel Toa Of Light and Shadow. I'm a unique Toa. I just started being a member in the Bionicle Wiki. If you want to talk with me my Skype is Paco Miguel Oronce. I also help improving the wiki to make it better. I improve articles that needs help. I love Bionicle since i was a young kid.


"I'm Toa Miguel Toa of Light and Shadows." Miguel to the Toa Nuva team

"I don't work for Makuta or Dark Hunters I'm a Toa." Miguel to Takanuva

"We meet again Teridax, I remember the day you made me a Makuta but betrayed you. But now at this very day I'll kill you even its violating my code." Miguel to Teridax

"The truth is I was a Makuta before because they let me be a Makuta by unleashing a Shadow Leech to me. They teached me how the Makuta uses shadow powers. But a klakk sound blasted the barrier. And they were using me. So I escaped. They even killed my friends and I won't let that happen again." Miguel to the Toa Nuva Powers and Equipment:

Miguel uses a Ipad and computer also a The Sword Of Light and Shadows. His kanohi is a Gold enhanced Mask of Shielding.

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