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I live in the UK and am not as obsessed with Bionicle as I used to be, but nostalgia has dragged me back here, so here I shall stay. I miss the older masks. I also miss complex builds in canister sets which is why I like Kiina so much.

Important info

  • My favorite Makuta are Bitil and Vamprah.
  • My favorite Toa is Nuparu Inika.
  • Nektann is my favorite Star.
  • The Skopio is my favorite 2009 vehicle.
  • Kiina and Stronius are my favorite Legends.
  • Vorox and Tarix are my favorite Glatorian.
  • Raanu is my favorite Agori.
  • My favorite winter 09 titan is Tuma.
  • Bitil is my favorite Mistikuta.
  • Gali is my favorite Mistoa.
  • Vamprah is my favorite Phankuta.
  • My favorite summer 08 titan is Mazeka.
  • Pohatu is my favorite Phantoa.
  • My favorite winter 08 titan is Icarax.
  • Vican is my favorite 08 Matoran.
  • Jaller is my favorite Toa Mahri.
  • Pridak is my favorite Barraki.
  • My favorite 07 titan is Karzahni.
  • Morak is my favorite Hydruka.
  • Defilak is my favorite 07 Matoran.
  • My favorite Toa Inika are Nuparu, Hahli and Jaller.
  • Zaktan is my favorite Piraka.
  • My favorite 06 titans (non-combiner) are Vezon and Fenrakk.
  • Dalu is my favorite 06 Matoran.
  • Roporak is my favorite Visorak.
  • My favorite Rahaga is Kualus.
  • M favorite 05 titan is Sidorak.
  • My favorite Toa Hagah is Iruini.
  • Nuju is my favorite Toa Hordika.
  • Bordakh is my favorite Vahki.
  • My favorite 04 titan is Nidhiki.
  • My favorite "destined" Toa Metru is Ahkmou.
  • Nokama is my favorite Toa Metru.
  • Lerahk is my favorite Rahkshi.
  • My favorite 03 titan is Teridax.
  • Lehvak-Kal is my favorite Bohrok-Kal.
  • My favorite 03 Matoran is Matoro.
  • Onua and Pohatu are my favorite Toa Nuva.
  • My favorite 02 titans are Cahdok and Gahdok.
  • Nuhvok is my favorite Bohrok.
  • Pahrak-Va is my favorite Bohrok Va.
  • My favorite 01 titans are the Tarakava.
  • My favorite Toa Mata are Pohatu and Lewa.
  • My favorite Matoran from 01 is Kongu.
  • My favorite Turaga is Nokama.
  • Umbra is my favorite OoMN member.

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