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[[Proto Pitons]]<br>
[[Proto Pitons]]<br>
[[Aero Slicers]]<br>
[[Aero Slicers]]<br>
[[Crystal Spikes]]
[[Crystal Spikes]]<br>
[[Climber Claws]]<br>
[[Fang Blades]]

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I have been once known as the user Tahkeh. After editing a few articles (two or three, probably), I decided to take a temporary 'break' because I found editing a little overwhelming (not any more), which was the start to this account. I tried to login, but, I forgot my password. I tried a number of different passwords but none were the correct one. Unfortunately, I didn't give my e-mail when I signed up, so I couldn't get my password e-mailed to me. I gave up. You won't see Tahkeh edit because, unless someone obviously is smarter than me and figures out my password, I can't login without my password. So now I'm Toa Tahkeh.

Articles I've Made

Hydro Blades
Fire Greatswords
Ice Shield
Proto Pitons
Aero Slicers
Crystal Spikes
Climber Claws
Fang Blades

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