The circumstances of war dictate action, in order to stop the chaos and destruction caused by the Makuta, we must ally with the lesser of two evils, the Barraki
— Vorak

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Toa Vorak
Biographical Information
Species Toa Suva
Group Leader of the Toa Suva, Order of Mata Nui
Mask Savakh
Colors Red, Orange, Gold, green,blue,brown,white,black
Element/Powers N/A, can control all
Homeland Ecropilis Nui, made on Artakhara with the rest of his teammates
Occupation Senior Member of the Order of Mata Nui, Guardian of Ecropilis Nui
Tools Twin Valence blades, Twin Obsorbing Gauntlets, Special Midak Skyblaster
Status Fighting on Kraanan Verta
Pronunciation Vor-akh
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Toa Vorak


Favorite Bionicle Group
Favorite Book(s)
Interworld, Charlie Bone series, Bionicle Series(Duh), Harry Potter Series, Animorphs.
Comic Book Series
Anything from Marvel, Watchmen(The only Alan Moore book that's good), Batman, Teen Titans, Bionicle(Duh yet again), almost anything from DC.
Favorite TV Show(s)
Stargate, almost every Star Trek series, Ghost Whisperer(Used to, now its like a room of monkeys writes the series.)
Favorite TV Channel(s)
Cartoonetwork(yes i am a little old for that), Discovery channel, Science fiction channel, Fox25, channel 13/56 called now the CW for no apparent reason.
Favorite Wikia
Favorite Songs
Japanese DDR songs, The Picard song, Blue world, numa numa, Yeird Al
Users i know in real life

Vorak's Stats

Strength: 55
Agility: 40
Power: 100
Mind: 100

and this is how Vorahk breaks down:

New Blog Story Arcs, TSC

A Most Interesting Adventure-Torongo and Toa Vorak Combo Story:

TS Armor changes, for water or for flying

This story will be a combo story involving some of Torongo and my charecters(so improper english), involving the pit, hydraxon, Gorg, a team of Toa, and...KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!

Ecropilis Nui-Unresolved Matters:

Scorpis will finally get to talk! YAY! He will be talking about Ecroplis Nui matters, and (spoiler) the evacuees of Kraanan Verta. Toa will be introduced, technology, and weapons too.


Cyvertix, with his new Thornax Laucher and Mechanical arm

This story will be from the P.O.V. of a Toa of Fire from Ecroplis Nui, who will be captured and sold as a Gladiator for the Skrall Empire of Bara Manga(Thats right, the plot device of "alternate reallity" is being used again. Bara Magna is the alternate reality, btw, not anything from Ecropilis Nui). Can Cyvertix survive with his robotic arm in a crazy world?

Stuff that I recomend

The Charlie Bone series, the children of the Red King: great series about kids who are descendants of a magician king from a long time ago. They all have powers for the most part and fight against the bad children of the Red King.

Interworld: If you like the multiverse theory you will love this even more! It is about a kid named Joseph who can go to alternate universes. He fights evil magic based earths and powerful science based earths with his other alternate universe counterparts.

For specifics on the toa suva go to their page at custom bionicle wiki:

A funny thing or two

I liek Macgyver and all but this is how he punches
pencil trick Make_this_pencil_Disappear.gif Tom_cruise_demon.gif Kid1.gif StarTrek7-Animation1.gif Godisbad.gif Bertbaby.gif Ahahaag4.gif
You are NOT my father!
Even data can't beat the blue screen of death
I sadly hav no clue as to who woman above is
Snape-dumbledore-backtothefuture.gif Dumbledore got killed!

Random Videos

This is the animated version of "Wolf"

The Presh Pharaoh of Bel-Airs

ITS OVER 9000!!!!

Kraanan Verta-City of Unending Shadows...

The Terrific Trio, Fighters of Crime

The Two fighters of Justice, Darkfire and Shade

Darkfire, the closest thing to Light in the new but temporary blog

The Kraanan Verta is about three new characters, in a place that makes Makuta look like toa of light. The blogs will be in 3rd person, and will take place in an alternate universe. It is relatively smaller, and not a trace of light can be found there.

Kraanan Verta: The City of Unending Shadows. This is the remains of a once great universe, brought to its knees by an evil race of monsters called the Zayjarool. The Zayjarool tried to attack the universe of Kraanan Verta, and so, its inhabitants desperate, released a force so evil and powerful, it effectively stopped the Zayjarool. Now they are attacking, for the Darkness has mysteriously left. Somehow.

Kraanan Verta, city of unending shadows


Zayjarool, hiding

Zayjarool ready for battle

The Zayjarool are parasites who implant their eggs and a virus to take over their victims. They are ruled by their Empress, who controls the queens who control the fighters. They have a Matriarchal society.

An example of a Zayjarool victim:


A victim, note the Tentacles


Agency and

This organization is founded for fighting the Zayjarool. It is composed of many species from many different universes. It contains a lot of technologies, for traveling between universes, from Olmak to ships. They however are considerably outnumbered by the Zayjarool and so must fight using guerrilla warfare, and sometimes even with Gorillas. They have made alliances with various beings, including the Toa Suva.

Some members:

Spade: Twin brother of blade, looks exactly like him only his right side of his mask is red. Like his brother, he can displace himself at unbelievable speeds, has incredible reflexes and aim, and is a skilled marksman.

Volock: Red giant, a telepath, wears an Olmak, observes battles.

"...My superior robot body..."

Jokepler: A really arrogant and annoying robot, useful in weapons and a formidable fighter. He fights dirty and with a vast array of weapons. He can absorb raw materials to increase in size, or to replicate different products. Is also capable of changing shape, or forming new weapons/blades.

Lundai: Flier, scout, has wings.


Doesnt like to be pictured...


The best ground shot i could get.

(list will continue)

Koolest Trek ships ever



My humble 2 cents on bionicle 2008 and back

-Kanohi Mask packs= awesome!Sadly,we all know how hard it is to get them.

-Dark Hunters sold = Kinda lame. Nihdiki was the most disapointing.

-Original Toa Mata and other sets up to 2003 = lousy, and utter sham('cept rakishi, Makuta, Exo-Toa, and manas!). Cant even bend at the legs.

-Rockoh, of all of the T-series jets was LAME! Jetrax = Best.

-Brutaka and Axxon are on the top best sets in the MU.

-Coolest weapons: Brutaka's Sword, Midak Skyblaster, Spinners, Light-up inika swords.

-Toa Mahri: Masks are almost useless on land. Inika were better. Mask of Sonar vs. Mask of Fate? No contest. Well...Mask of Detection vs. Mask of Kindred and Mask of Spirit vs. Mask of reanimation is a contest. Jaller got the worst as a Mahri.

-The piraka: Comic relief charecters. No one cares about guys with disproportional arms, with the now useless organic parts.

-Piraka body armor: Improved over gear base armor, the arms move to the side, but harder to add outer armor. Shoulder plates are a pain too.

-Baraki: Except for the tentacles and the transparent limb pieces, like on takadox, were LAME!!

-Battle for the Skies, Phantora: Makuta should have kept the chest pieces and gotten kool projectile weapons. Mistaka Makuta had Nyrah Ghost blasters, which are almost as bad as the squid launchers, and the masks that can't go on anyone else, could have been better.

-Hordika = stupid

-Icarax= AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Pohatu looked kinda lame as a toa, the way the matoran head's now go on is annoying, but otherwise the good guys were awesome! Icarax also looks kool.

-Makuta masks were great, except for Krika's, i mean "Mask of Repulsion", lets u hover and bring 2 things apart? compare that with "Mask of Corruption" which breaks down inanimate objects or "Mask of Time duplication". How much cooler do masks get? Beats useless masks like: Mask of Water breathing, or Mask of night vision?

-Zambor Spheres were okay, so were disk launchers, Squid launchers and ghost blasters reeked and Skyblasters and Cordak blasters rocked!(Thornax looks good too!)

My thoughts on the physical new 2009 pieces released

I recently acquired some if the new 2009 sets with my brother. Here are my thoughts about them:

-Thornax devices: 1-shot weapon, like the first zambor sphere launchers. The black line on the 4-spiked thornax is what needs to be lined with the launcher. It needs a 2 peg distance so naturally they use the normal hand pieces. I give it 3.5 stars out of 5. If it ever becomes a multi shot it will become 5 stars. The launcher starts to stay bent if used to a lot, like the disk launchers.

-Heads:SMALL! that is the word to sum up the heads. They are placed on the top, like the mask of shadows for makuta. The "Mask" will not fit on a 2004-8 head, but a mask will fit on it. It is like the head for the matoran released in 2008 and almost as annoying.

-New black .... piece. Because i do not know of the specific term for it i will explain it. The pieces used on Garan's hands and the thing that connects the eyes and head/mask for a hordika. It is just like that only straight! It gets 5 stars! Very useful. It is used sometimes to connect the head to the body or even to connect the thornax to the hand.

-Hands: Disappointing. It is a 4 fingered hand. It is hard to hold a staff with it, unlike with the old pieces used for hands. The thumb is right in the middle. It also looks a bit to big and awkward.

-Golden shoulder plates: Finally! There was gold armor released for the basic toa metru design with inruni's armor. There was golden armor released with the original toa design with Takanuva! At long last i can create my golden armored toa!

-Almost as important is that: BROWN IS BACK!!No longer shall the color be yellow or orange! That was just STUPID in my humble opinion. Brown is back!YES!Victory at long last!

Known Masks (I like to keep track of their names)

Hau:Mask of sheilding

Kaukau:Mask of water breathing

Miru:Mask of levitaion

Kakama:Mask of speed

Akaku:Mask of x-ray vision

Pakari:Mask of strength

Huna:Mask of concealment

Rau:Mask of translation

Mahiki:Mask of illusion (shapeshifting in great mask form)

Komau:Mask of mind control

Ruru:Mask of Night vision

Matatu:Mask of telekenisis

Calix:Mask of fate

Elda:Mask of detection

Suletu:Mask of telepathy

Sanok:Mask of accuracy

Kadin:Mask of flight

Iden:Mask of spirit

Tryna:Mask of reanimation

Arthron:Mask of sonar

Volitak:Mask of stealth

Faxon:Mask of kindred

Zatth:Mask of summoning

Garai:Mask of gravity

Jutlin:Mask of Corruption

Avsa:Mask of hunger

Felnas:Mask of disruption

Mohtrek:Mask of time duplication

Shelek:Mask of silence

Crast:Mask of Repulsion

Kraahkan:Mask of shadows

Avohkii:Mask of light

Rode:Mask of truth

Olmak:Mask of dimensional portals

Kualsi:Mask of quick travel

Pehkui:Mask of shrinking

Kiril:Mask of regeneration

Olisi:Mask of alternate futures

Mask of Creation

Rua:Mask of Wisdom

Aki:Mask of Valor

Mask of Intangibility

Kanohi of Elemental Energy

Mask of Possibilities

Mask of Growth

Mask of Clairvoyance

Mask of Rahi control

Vahi:Mask of time

Ignika:Mask of life

Mask of Psychometry

My Blog, mostly the Toa Suva Chronicles(TSC)

-Told from the point of view of any of the remaining "Toa" Suva, mostly from their leader's P.O.V., Vorak

-Chronicles their attempts to help rebel against Teridax, now in Mata Nui's body, various battles, and other forces of evil, no matter how derivative they may be.

-There will be some other side stories that will lead to important stories and events in the Toa Suva Chronicles. Probably.

About the Toa Suva

-Created by the great beings as the prototype for the guardians of the matoran. They were once 10 in number but 4 of them died due to the flaws in their crystalline-mechanical design.

-Were given Kanohi Savakh, a mask that takes the shape of whatever mask shape its user wills. It can access any non-legendary mask, from the Calix to the Hau and even the Kraahkan. Yes i know it is a little cheap. Thats why there were only 10 ever created

-Were given Suva Stones, stones that amplify the users power by the hundredfold.

-They can use most or all of the elements except for Light and Shadow, whoever they can access the powers of the prototype masks of shadows and light.

-Because they can access all of the elemental powers and almost every known mask power they can kill Makuta easilly.

-Their Duty: To create Toa teams, toa suvas, and establish Toa fortresses.

An example of a Toa Suva

-However they showed no problem with killing their enemies so they were sent to guard a pocket dimension that holds matoran of every type, a backup in case the Mask of Life reached the end of its countdown and killed all life. The Pocket Dimension contains a large mountain, where ice melts down to supply water to three landmasses surrounding it,Ecropilis Nui, Tara Nui, and Xuvakworld. Ecropilis Nui and Tara Nui are filled with matoran, and Xuvakworld is filled with tough and powerful beings called Xuvakh, a warrior race. There are beings of almost every species on islands spread out on the endless ocean.

- In this pocket dimension there is a backup base for the Order of Mata Nui in case Daxia is destroyed and so all of its other backup bases. It is a last resort because it is hard to transport there, though it may be the only safe place for the Order.

Toa Suva

This is golden armored Vorak

Vorak: Leader, a genius strategist and planner. Is able to control all elements, prefers to destructive elements such as Fire or Plasma, or create elemental seals to seal foes in. Almost never uses one element at a time. He is armed with twin (golden protosteel) valence blades, Absorbing Gauntlets, and a skyblaster with a blade on it that fires gold absorbing spheres(like the one used by Hakaan) and silver spheres of light. His Kanohi Savakh takes the shape of a golden Kraahkan-like mask.


Voparah: Vorak's second-in-command, is an excellent manipulator, interrogator, and deceiver, having to have been able to infiltrate the brotherhood a few times. He is capable of using all of the elements except fire, and uses Ice, water, and lightning in combination the most. He has silver armor with black and white in it has and wings. He is armed with twin dual bladed blood white swords and arm swords.His Kanohi Savakh takes the shape of a black Kraahkan-like mask (not the way it is normally worn by Teridax or Icarax).


Rewa: A formidable swordsman, can control all of the elements but rock. He wears golden armor with red, green, and black. He has jets like that of Tahu's on his back and his shoulder plate armor pieces can pop up to be used as wings. He fights with his swords, lightning, air, and plant-life. His Kanohi Savakh takes the shape of a golden Kualsi.

Gorg and Scorpis now have a new look(gorg on the right and Scorpis on the Left)

Gorg: A powerful brute, who prefers to use strength to rip his enemies in half. He can control all of the elements except gravity. He wears silver-gray-white-black armor and prefers to use rock and earth whenever he needs to use his toa powers. He has silver strength gauntlets and claws. His Kanohi Savakh takes the shape of a black Garai.


Metalis: A skilled craftsman who creates swords and other bladed weapons. He uses magnetism, gravity, and Iron in battle. He is incapable of controlling plant-life but can use all of the other elements. He wears silver-gray armor. He is armed with a large sword and an adaptable arm weapon that changes based on situation. is Kanohi Savakh takes the shape of a silver Volitak.

Scorpis: A skilled marksman, prefers not to use any elements at all, and cannot control water. He fights with long-range weapons, like a sniper. His Kanohi Savakh does not take the form of a sanok interestingly but a silver matatu. He cannot control lightning but can control all of the other elements. He carries 2 cordak blasters mounted on his shoulders and 2 dual energy guns. he is in black, red/orange, white armor.

Honorary Suva


Blade: A skilled marksman who is armed with many weapons. He is incredibly stealthy and can move extremely fast. He was recruited by Rewa into the Order and has been helpful ever since.

Bane, Warlord Prime of Xuvakworld

Bane: Warlord Prime of Xuvakworld, and its most powerful warrior. He has helped out in Order operations and will possibly help out again.

Known Enemies of the Toa Suva

Teridax: Took over the matoran universe.

The Brotherhood of Makuta: They are all dead, but were enemies.

Khan: A criminal who works with the makuta. He is from the backup pocket dimension, but left when Rewa was opening a portal to the matoran universe. He is strong, can move as fast as sound, has sonic and heat based attacks. He is armed with a spinner staff, that fires a multi-target bounce spinner, that can either channel his power or hit multiple targets when he fights a mob. The spinner can bounce off of walls and can send his foes flying. He is formidable in battle but knows when to flee. He was part of a project started by the makuta to bring toa on to their side. These toa are called shadow toa, and control their original element and can use shadow based attacks. He is presumably helping Teridax, for he will always switch sides when he knows he is overpowered. He is disliked by almost everyone.

Khan and some of his Shadow Toa

Typical response to something Khan did:

Another response to what Khan did:

X-Blade: He was made by my brother. Need i say more?


Large reptilian warrior species who live near Ecropilis Nui. They look a lot like Rakhishi and are formidable. They are capable of changing energy or mass into a different form or energy. Their homeland is called Xuvakworld, and it lies behind the large mountain in the pocket dimension. They are a warrior based society. Their leaders are the best warriors and strategists. They fight for honor and glory. Xuvakh are capable of transporting and creating portals to the matoran universe and have often destroyed villages and killed many, which they claim to have done in self-defense. It is currently being ruled by Warlord Prime Bane and his adviser Malice. Most Xuvakh have names like that.

The "Backup" Dimension

This Dimension was created by the great beings as a backup source for matoran in case the Ignika ever reached the end of its countdown and killed every living creature in the bionicle universe. There are matoran of every type in here. The pocket dimension has a never-ending ocean and a large mountain with three land masses connected to it. There are many small islands spread out in the ocean, that contain various species, from Vortix to Shakardi.

Bird's eye view of the important part of the dimension

Three parts to it:

Ecopilis Nui and the backup Order base

Ecropilis Nui: This city rivals Metru Nui in all of its splendor for its architecture and elegance. This city spreads out in order to hold all of its matoran and toa. It has a lot of toa in it to guard the city while the Suva are gone. Matoran of all types are here, and even a few av-matoran. There are toa of every type here except toa of light. The city is filled with advance technology, chutes and transports. There is a lot of airships and boats traveling around the city. There are toa fortresses and defensive turrets on either side of the large bay outside the city, in order to keep the backup base ready and secure.

Tara Nui

Tara Nui: A dense jungle filled with a lot of raw supplies. It is a dangerous place to be in, so there are no official settlement domes in place.

Xuvakworld:(I know I promised a picture but i have changed my mind and will get one drawn at my leisure) A large mountainous place filled with palaces made of crystal and jewels. It is the mysterious home of the Xuvakh. Only place visited so far is their great palace to meet Bane.

Other random islands in the pocket dimension's endless sea.

Ecropilis Nui is NE of here

Xuvakworld is SW of here

Sets that I know my family has acquired(that i remember)





Gahlok Kal
Tanok Kal
Makuta Teridax
Turaga Dume and Nivawk(x2)

The red one

Norik Hagah
Iruni Hagah(x2)
Jaller Inika(X3!!!)
Vezon and Fernak

Hewkii Mahri

Makuta Antroz


Mask Packs:
Had a Golden Mask of Water-breathing
Silver Hau

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