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Kanohi Tovar: Mask of Awesomeness
Pure Energy
Favorite Bionicle character
Vezon, Toa of Anarchy

You will be known as Reidak, defeater of doors.
Lewa Nuva (my favorite saying in the Bionicle universe!)
Try this one, I have a troop of Bohrok with nothing to do. If you'd like, I can have them tear down this building and turn it into a park.
Turaga Takanuva (the Kingdom) (my second favorite saying in the Bionicle universe!)


My name is Toafan13!!

I will help this wiki in any means necessary.

I know spoilers you don't! (sometimes)

Hewkii is my favorite Toa!

I Love Makutas!!

I'm not a bad guy, but I think they're the coolest and most powerful species in the universe!! (Gorast and Icarax, hint hint)

I, as among everyone else, still know that almost every toa(even Lesovikk) will prevail and win eventually.

Anyway, I will help this wiki anyway possible!!

So just tell me what to do!


Well, 501 so far......

I know what one big accomplishment is! Joining Bioniclepedia!

And another...joining Wookiepedia!

And Marvel.

And Dc database. (i think you get the point!)


Uhhhhh.... I have alot!! o.k? (i can only name about 7 i dont have!!) Wait, 8..no 9 sets.....


1. None at the moment, i'm confused as well.


Got 'em all!

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