Hello,Legodude760!I have some questions.How do you make a page like you have Toa Iruini? Also, how do you get a picture on an unexisting chronicle? Thanks if you can help!

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Once, a Lego club member wandered through the MBs, looking for something I don't know. Well, anyways he stumbled on a post that said bionicle.wikia.com, so he typed it and went there. He decided he'd make a page, then went to BZpower to make an account(only to realize that he needed a e-mail.). So he comes back to Bioniclepedia. But then... he gets bored! So... hecoes back(sorry)to you know where. He is forgetting about bionicle.

             This will be updated weekly!


Here's a link to my clubpage:[1]

Here's a link to my MLN page:[2]


Here's my favorite Pic: Toanuva7.jpg Kinda big, huh?

Here's another one:Toanuva6.jpg Also big.

Here's another one!

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How do you get out of a room with a dresser and a mirror?

  1. Look in the mirror and see what you saw.
  2. Take the saw and cut the dresser in half.
  3. Two halves make a whole.
  4. Climb through the hole.

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I should redo my page.

And I don't know How to fix this.

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