Ultimate Takutanuva
Biographical Information
Species Matoran, Toa
Group OoMN
Mask Kanohi Iden, Mask of the Spirit
Colors White.
Element/Powers Light
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}
Occupation Toa
Tools Light Spear
Location Karda Nui
Status Alive
Pronunciation N/A

"Shadow can't hurt me, niether can Light. Because I control both" -Ultimate Takutanuva to Icarax.

Ultimate Takutanuva is an Order of Mata Nui member who wasn't always what he is.


Ultimate Takutanuva was an Av-Matoran who acted like a Ko-Matoran. Always keeping secrets and bottling things up inside. He always thought something special would happen to him sooner or later, and one day, it happened. He was walking with Photok and discussing business that needed to be taken care of in Karda Nui. For instance, there were always Rahi attacking (Chirox and Mutran to blame), there had been alot of strange disappearances lately, and all of them had the feeling that something bad was going to happen. It did. On the day of the Makuta's appearance, he was running away from Antroz and tripped on a rock. He got up to see if he was all right, there were only a few scratches. He thought he was going to be fine. That is, until he saw a Shadow Leech on his right arm. But for some reason, when he transformed, he didn't feel like serving the Makuta. He was still in control of what he did. Even more surprising, he had grown. He was now the size of a normal Toa. He didn't know why he was still in control, but he was relieved he was.

Discovering his powers

A few hours after the accident, he started training. He discovered his Mask Power, the Kanohi Hau, Mask of Shielding. His weapon was a Shadow Blade. He started to eventualy gain the Matorans' trust, by preforming deeds of humility and bravery, daring anything to protect the Matoran.

A Toa's journey

He knew he had to use his new powers for good, but the question was, where? Maybe he could go to Mahri Nui and help Hydraxon catch prisoners. But no, Hydraxon worked alone, (minus Maxilos and Spinax), besides, he knew that if he went to The Pit he would never come out. Metru Nui? No, that would rival the Toa Nuva. He made his decision, he would stay here in Karda Nui and help protect the Matoran.

Thouasands of years later, he heard of a mysterious island called, Voya Nui.

"If there is land, there must be inhabitants"

Thought the Toa. So he traveled many miles to the island of danger. He met many allies, fought many foes, and faced many dangers, as he came to Mangaia, lair of the evil Makuta. He saw an erie substance. Glowing and shining.

"What is this stuff?"

He wondered.

He then realized that this was energized protodermis. He leaned closertripped and fell into the protodermis. When he emerged, he found that his shadow had been replaced by Light somehow. He now wielded a Light Lance, and had an Iden. He staggered out of the cave, struggling to get to the nearest Matoran village.

To Be Continued.

Mask and Weapons

UT carries a Light Lance that can fire Light bursts from short or far distances. He also carries a Midak Skyblaster cabable of firing Light Spheres.


As an Av-Matoran, UT acted like A Ko-Matoran, because he does not want to risk anyone being hurt. This did not change when he became a Toa. He enjoys it, but fears for the safety of others.


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