Vladius Magnum
Species Asgard
Kanohi Organic Time-Traveling Vahi
Colors Green
Element Electricity
Occupation Writer; Novelist
Tools Large Arm-Blades o' Doom
Location Pegasus Galaxy; Bionicle Planet )

What's up? I've been a big Bionicle fan ever since it first came out, hence a great contributor, and I wish they would release the 2001 website again. Anyway, if you need to know about me in detail, look at


Further events as bulletins warrant.

Stuff I did

Bronzemask.jpg This user single-handedly brought Bohrok to featured status.

Bronzemask.jpg This user near-single-handedly brought Metru Nui to featured status.

I'm a grammatical and Bionicle expert, with the possible exception of a few things. If you need someone who knows pretty much everything about 2001 and 2002 (the golden years), I'm your man. I also wrote most of Factions, all of Six, and a bunch of categorizational articles.


Hanging out with some good buds on the 'net.

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