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Biographical Information
Species makuta
Group order of mata nui
Mask craast
Colors purple,black
Element/Powers '
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}
Occupation '
Tools all rahkshi staves, shadow sword
Location home
Status lazy,alive
Pronunciation (weerd-ox)

[2] 70px-Karzahni location.png 72px-Chroniclerstaff.png 75px-Karzahni being.png 100px-Cataclysmstone.jpg 106px-Makuta Mistika by Krekka01.jpg 119px-Diskoftime.jpg 120px-Bioniclepedia.logo.png 120px-Coppermasks.jpg 120px-Nuparu Engineer Gahlok.png 150px-Beinglazy.jpg 250px-Krika.png 255px-Spiriah-2.jpg Makutafortress.JPG The beginning The end of the world Bender dancing animated.gif Bahrag1.gif Bahrag2.gif


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god! i've everything!

user inf.

I LOVE BIONICLE!!!!!!!I was born in the world.


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little girl plays the maze
This little girl is trying her hardest to beat this game.

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