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== Wikis I am active on ==
== Wikis I am active on ==
*[ BSCW]
*[ BSCW]
*[ Heroes of Mana wiki] (founder, only member...)
*[ Heroes of Mana wiki] (founder)
*[ Pokemon Wiki]
*[ Pokemon Wiki]
*And, of course, [[Main Page|The Bionicle wiki]]
*And, of course, [[Main Page|The Bionicle wiki]]

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Welcome, !
Dume An Important Message from Turaga Dume:

WARNING: This user is completely insane, and therefore is not safe to be around, for it could be dangerous for you.

No Image Currently Available
Yoshi's Information
Species Unknown, Mutated
Group Mario Bros.
Mask Avohkii
Colors Varying
Element/Powers All elements
Homeland Unknown
Occupation currently none
Tools Names of weapons unknown
Location Paralell universe
Status Alive, insane
Pronunciation Yo-Shees-Land or Yo-Sh-Isle-And

Me, Myself, and I

Hi, it's me, AND I LIKE YOSHI!!! For those of you who don't know who this little dino is, look at my avatar.

My Stats

Strength: 13%
Agility: 22%
Toughness: 11%
Mind: 54%


The real Piraka Fusion!

When will this nightmare END???!!!

–Yoshi, Yoshi's Journey

Wikis I am active on

My favorite videos

My Userboxes

1,226 is how many edits Yoshi has done to this wiki!

Vandal This user absolutely despises vandals!!!

5p@m This user likes to spam where ever it's allowed.

PICE74~1 This user thinks Teridax is fit to rule the universe more than Mata Nui.

Userbox This user likes making userboxes!

Krakua This user's favorite Toa is Krakua.

Random Stuff from Mario Bros.

Luigi Go, Luigi! Mr.L

What is WRONG with you???

–Bowser to Midbus, Bowser's Inside Story

Have patience. Sample the sprinkles from life's salad bar!




I HAVE VICTORY! Easy as bread sandwiches!

–Fawful, after Bowser's defeat.

You inhaled like a hungry syrup pig at the free pancake buffet!

–Fawful, after feeding Bowser the Vacuum Shroom.


My Signature:

Hero of Mana


Here are my favorite Bionicles overall:


Rahi: Kardas

Set: Maxilos & Spinax

Character: Vezon

Makuta: Gorast

Toa: Krakua

Matoran: Kapura

Turaga: Dume

Island: Artahka

Toa Team: Toa Nuva

Vehicle: Axalara T9

Kanohi: Olmak

Least Favorite...

Rahi: Venom Eel

Set: Toa Metru Onewa

Character: "The Recorder"

Makuta: Kojol

Toa: Naho

Matoran: Gar

Turaga: Onewa

Island: Northern Continent

Toa Team: Toa Hordika

Vehicle: Cendox V1

Kanohi: Kaukau

Help stuff

I am currently in no need of help.

Pages I've created and Images I uploaded



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