BobTheDoctor27 BobTheDoctor27 28 November 2010

Kualus Contest

Hello Community! Matoro1 here bringing you another fanon contest.

That's right, on Bionicle Reviews Wiki we are holding our 12th contest: The Toa Hagah Kualus Contest!

As is Bionicle Reviews Wiki Tradition, we hold fanon contests for members of the community to create their own version of canon characters without pictures. With it being the 12th contest, Toa Kualus has been voted as the next contest.
However, due to lack of activity on the wiki, not many people are entering. So, you can have the chance to win a Bionicle Contest, name the next contest, and help stimulate a smaller wiki's community! :D

Anyone can enter and I am extending the rules to here.
So if anyone wants to enter a contest for the Toa Hagah Kualus then please check out the Co…

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BobTheDoctor27 BobTheDoctor27 10 August 2010


OK, as most of you know, over the past 8 months I have moved house from Malaysia to Scotland and tomorrow I am moving into my house.
This means that I will not have internet access until we get the modem, wireless, connection and phone line set up but I my have access to a dongle (A promotional thumbdrive from a Phone service that allows internet while the thumbdrive is in)

I will try to use the dongle to come online on my birthday and I will try to upload a youtube video on the same day. (22nd August)
Until then, I will unfortunately be inactive.
However, if our beds are not unpacked tomorrow then I will have to return to the hotel I am in now and I will have access to internet for the night.
In my absence I'm afraid that there will be nobody …

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BobTheDoctor27 BobTheDoctor27 6 June 2010

Lein Contest

Hello reader!

OK, bassically, as is Bionicle Reviews Wiki tradition, we have contests for canon characters that do not have images and we make our own images for the contest. The winner of the contest gets their image to be the official Bionicle Reviews Wiki image. (These Images are labeled as fanon but the contests are just for fun)

Well, the next contest has come around and Bionicle Reviews Wiki is... running short on users to enter. Anyone can enter and I am extending the rules to here.
So if anyone wants to enter a contest for the character known as Lein then please check out the Contest on Bionicle Reviews Wiki. Here's a link!
I hope that some users are interested in entering the contest and I hope to see you on Bionicle Reviews Wiki!

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BobTheDoctor27 BobTheDoctor27 23 March 2010

Team of Heroes Base

OK, I've been voted in as the second leader of the Team of heroes! A very prestigious achievement that I'm deeply proud of. I'm glad to see so many users want to be a part of it but, for a group so large, I was surprised there wasn't an official page for it. So I decided to make a page for us all.
Team of Heroes HQ

  • 1 Members
    • 1.1 Leaders
    • 1.2 Honourary Members
    • 1.3 In story

  • MasterToa - Inactive
  • - Current

  • User:Mazeka369 - Second in command
  • User:Mata Nui
  • User:Jvaa - Inactive
  • User:Superbrutaka07 - Inactive
  • User:Kingdonfin - Inactive
  • User:Abc8920
  • User:Bara Magna
  • User:LewaMataToaOfMischief
  • User:Toacarnero
  • User:Matau62

  • Rahkshi
  • Visorak
  • Makuta
    • Icarax
    • Chirox

If I have missed anyone out (Which I probably have) then please notify me and I will add them

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BobTheDoctor27 BobTheDoctor27 23 February 2010

My Bionicle Story

Hello users of TBW! Matoro1 here! I'm currently working on a story on Extreme Bionicles Wiki and Custom Bionicles Wiki. I thought I might give you guys a taste of my story in the following chapter, which was written in 2008. If you want to find more infomation follow this link.

Toa Iolan, Toa of fire, protector of Ta-Vaaca, was about to die. It wasn’t a fate that he had particularly known the moment he woken up that morning but every single day of his life was like that. The Rahkshi of Shattering was stood over him. He could see the burning flame of insanity inside its eyes. The Kraata must have been driven mad. It was trapped inside the armor of a mutated freak, all alone; from birth to death, locked inside a metal cage of the Rahkshi’s back…

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